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Financial Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Road Ahead (2011) 

Innocent Bystanders: Developing Countries and the War on Drugs (2010) 

Business Regulation and Economic Reforms (2010) 

The Ease of Doing Business in APEC: The Impact of Regulatory Reforms (2009)

Public Finance for a Harmonious Society (2008)

Terrorism, Economic Development and Political Openness (2008)

Fiscal Policy, Stabilization, and Growth: Prudence or Abstinence? (2007)

Emerging Capital Markets and Globalization (2007)

Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean: Stylized Facts, Explanations, and Forecasts (2005) 

WDR 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone (2005)

Reforming Infrastructure (June 2004)

The Limits of Stabilization: Infrastructure, Public Deficits and Growth in Latin America 
(October 2003)

Globalization, Growth, and Poverty (May 2001)

Assessing Aid ( November 1998)


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