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Investment Climate and the Microeconomics of Growth [...continued]

WPS3942Market access, supplier access, and Africa's manufactured exports : an analysis of the role of geography and institutionsElbadawi, Ibrahim; Mengistae, Taye; Zeufack, Albert2006/06
WPS3675Business environment, clustering, and industry location : evidence from Indian citiesLall, Somik V.; Mengistae, Taye2005/08
WPS3664The impact of business environment and economic geography on plant-level productivity : an analysis of Indian industryLall, Somik V.; Mengistae, Taye2005/07
WPS3623The impact of regulation on growth and informality - cross-country evidenceLoayza, Norman V.; Oviedo, Ana Maria; Serven, Luis2005/05
WPS3469Regulation and macroeconomic performanceLoayza, Norman V.; Oviedo, Ana Maria; Serven, Luis2005/01
33664Enhancing the competitiveness of Kenya's manufacturing sector: the role of the investment climateBlattman, Christopher; Cotton, Linda; Desai, Vyjayanti; Elbadawi, Ibrahim; Habyarimana, James; Marchat, Jean Michel; Ramachandran, Vijaya; Shah, Manju Kedia; Ajayi, Kehnide; Kimuyu, Peter; Ngugi, Rose; Bigsten, Arne; Soderbom, Mans2004/11
31351How do investment climate conditions vary across countries, regions and types of firms?Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Stewart, David2004/09
WPS3323Investment climate and international integrationDollar, David; Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Mengistae, Taye2004/06
WPS3003The investment climate and the firm : firm-level evidence from ChinaHallward-Driemeier, Mary*Wallsten, Scott*Xu,L. C2003/03
WPS2910Boondoogles and expropriation : rent-sseking and policy distortion when property rights are insecureKeefer, Philip; Knack, Stephen2002/10

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