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Macroeconomic Volatility [...continued]

WPS4182The welfare effects of a large depreciation : the case of Egypt, 2000-05Kraay, Aart2007/04
WPS4158Walking up the down escalator : public investment and fiscal stabilityEasterly, William; Irwin, Timothy; Serven, Luis2007/03
WPS4089The structural determinants of external vulnerabilityLoayza, Norman V.; Raddatz, Claudio 2006/12
WPS3469Regulation and macroeconomic performanceLoayza, Norman V.; Oviedo, Ana Maria; Serven, Luis2005/01
WPS3456Macroeconomic stability in developing countries - How much is enough?Montiel, Peter; Serven, Luis2004/11
WPS3322Tango with the Gringo: the hard peg and real misalignment in ArgentinaAlberola, Enrique; Lopez, Humberto; Serven, Luis2004/06
WPS3081The anatomy of a multiple crisis : why was Argentina special and what can we learn from it?Perry, Guillermo; Serven, Luis2003/06
WPS2823Real exchange rate uncertainty and private investment in developing countriesServen, Luis2002/04
WPS2815Pricing currency risk : facts and puzzles from currency boardsSchmukler, Sergio L.; Serven, Luis2002/03
21716The World Bank economic review 14 (3)Loayza, Norman; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus; Serven, Luis; Elbadawi, Ibrahim A.; Mwega, Francis M.; Denizer, Cevdet; Wolf, Holger C.; Montiel, Peter J.; Rodrik, Dani; Aron, Janine; Muellbauer, John; Kraay, Aart; Shankar, Rashmi; Beck, Thorsten; Demirguc-Kunt, Asl'; Levine, Ross2000/09

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