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2007 Macro Brown Bag Seminars and Bank/Fund Joint Seminars

This is a list of 2007 seminars on macroeconomics and growth organized by the World Bank's Development Research Group.  More recent listings, including upcoming events.  For previous seminars please click here.

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Dec. 20 

Do Interest Groups Affect Immigration?

Macro and Growth Seminar Series Prachi Mishra
joint with
Giovanni Facchini and
Anna Maria Mayda 
Dec. 6 Income Growth and Corruption Incentives with Failing Institutions Macro and Growth Seminar Series David de la Croix 
Nov. 29 Restructuring the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism  Macro and Growth Seminar Series  Mark Wright
Oct. 25 Excessive Dollar Borrowing in Emerging Markets: Balance Shett Effects and Macroeconomic Externalities Macro and Growth Seminar Series Anton Korinek
Oct. 18 Democracy and Foreign Education Macro and Growth Seminar Series Antonio Spilimbergo(IMF)
Oct. 11 Investment Cycles and Sovereign Debt Overhang  Macro and Growth Seminar Series Manuel Amador (Stanford University) 
Sept. 20 Exiting a Lawless State  Joint Bank/Fund Research Seminar  Karla Hoff
(World Bankl)
Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia Univ.) 
Sept. 13Takeoffs Macro and Growth Seminar Series Joshua Aizenman (UC Santa Cruz and NBER) and
Mark Spiegel
(FRB of San Francisco) 
June 28 Sector-Specific Technical Change Macro and Growth Seminar SeriesSusanto Basu
(Boston College and NBER) 
June 21 Persistent Gaps and Default Traps  Joint Bank/Fund Research Seminar  Luis Catao
May 31Does Informality Hurt Firms? Evidence From Firm-Level, Cross-Country Data Macro and Growth Seminar Series Roberta Gatti
(CEPR) and
Maddalena Honorati(WB)
May 24What Matters to African firms? The Relevance of Perceptions DataMacro and Growth Seminar Series Vijaya Ramchandra and Alan Gelb
(World Bank) 
May 17 Zooming In: From Aggregate Volatility to Income Distribution Joint Bank/Fund Research Seminar  Cesar Calderon
(World Bank) 
May 10 Global Private Information on International Equity Markets  Macro and Growth Seminar Series Rui Albuquerque (Boston Univ.) 
May 3 Exchange Rate Regimes and Fiscal Discipline: The Role of Capital ControlsMacro and Growth Seminar Series Guillermo Vuletin
(University of Maryland)
Apr. 26Trade, Gravity and Sudden Stops: On How Commercial Trade Can Increase the Stability of Capital Flows Macro and Growth Seminar SeriesEduardo Cavallo (IADB) 
Apr. 19What Makes Growth Sustained?Joint Bank/Fund Research Seminar Jeromin Zettelmeyer (IMF) 
Mar. 15 International Finance and Income Convergence: Europe is DifferentJoint Bank/Fund Research SeminarAshoka Mody
(IMF) joint with
Abdul Abiad, and
Daniel Leigh (IMF)
Mar. 12Optimal Policy with 'Sudden Stops'Macro and Growth Seminar SeriesConstantino Hevia (University of Chicago)
Mar. 8The Diffusion of DevelopmentMacro and Growth Seminar Series

Romain Wacziarg (Stanford University)

Feb. 15Welfare Gains from Financial LiberalizationJoint Bank/Fund Research Seminar

Kenichi Ueda
(IMF) and
Robert M. Townsend
(University of Chicago)

Feb. 8The Risk Content of ExportsMacro Brown Bag SeminarAndrei Levchenko
Feb. 1Trade, Prices, and the Exchange Rate with heterogeneous Producers and Endogenous MarkupsJoint Bank/Fund Research Seminar

Jose Antonio Rodrigues-Lopez
(University of California Berkeley)

Jan. 24Introduction of New Goods, Convergence and GrowthMacro Brown Bag SeminarJason Hwang
(Harvard University)
Jan. 18

Populist Fiscal Policy

Joint Bank/Fund Research Seminar

Stuti Khemani and Wally Wane
(World Bank)

Jan. 11 The Myth of Post-Reform Income Stagnation in Brazil
Macro Brown Bag SeminarIrineu De Carvalho Filho and
Marcos Chamon

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