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Saving Across the World Conference

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This conference results from the research work on Policies and Institutions that Promote Saving,  which examined the key determinants of saving, looking at the relationship between saving and growth, and analyzed how saving is affected by macroeconomic policies, financial sector liberalization, pension reform, and foreign aid. The project included country case studies as well as the development of an improved cross-country database on public and private saving. The work was coordinated with operational support so as to contribute to economic reports on China, India, Mexico and other countries.
  •  Saving and growth

Angus Deaton (Princeton), Guy Laroque (INSEE), Christina Paxson (Princeton), Orazio Attanasio (University College London), Lucio Picci (Bologna University), Antonello Scorcu (Bologna University)

  • Saving determinants

Dani Rodrik (Harvard), Carmen Reinhart (Maryland), William Plies (Maryland), Norman Loayza (World Bank), Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel (Central Bank of Chile), Luis Serven (World Bank)

  • Fiscal and macroeconomic policy

Peter Montiel (Williams College), Timothy Besley (London School of Economics), Costas Meghir (University College London), Humberto Lopez (World Bank)

  • Financial and pension reform

Andrew Samwick (Dartmouth), Oriana Bandiera (Boston College), Gerard Caprio (World Bank), Patrick Honohan (World Bank), Fabio Schiantarelli

  • Regional and country studies

Sub-Saharan Africa: Ibrahim Elbadawi (World Bank) and Francis Mwega (AERC), Transition countries: Cevdet Denizer (World Bank) and Holger Wolf (NYU), South Africa: Janine Aron (Oxford), John Muellbauer (Oxford), China: Aart Kraay (World Bank), Mexico: Craig Burnside (World Bank, Stanford), Colombia: Alejandro Lopez (IMF) and Juan Ricardo Ortega (Yale), India: Rashmi Shankar (UC Santa Cruz)

... With the participation of Guillermo Perry (World Bank), Jose de Gregorio (University of Chile and, formerly, Ministry of Finance), Chris Carroll (Johns Hopkins), Barry Bosworth (Brookings), Carlos Vegh (UCLA), Jose-Victor Rios-Rull (Pennsylvania), Gian-Maria Milesi Feretti (IMF), Roger Gordon (Michigan), Jonathan Skinner (Dartmouth), Jean-Paul Azzam(University of Toulouse), Steven Zeldes (Columbia), Catherine Patillo (IMF), Nicholas Lardy (Brookings), Ratna Sahay (IMF), Paul Masson (IMF), Mauricio Cardenas (Ministry of Transport, Columbia), Michael Gavin (IDB), Eduardo Borensztein (IMF), Tullio Jappelli (Napoli).

Organized by DECRG's Policies and Institutions that Promote Savingsresearch project.

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