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Saving Across the World: Database

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Norman V. Loayza, Humberto Lopez, and Luis Serven
Pub. Date: January 1, 1998
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database and documentation

This paper describes the new World Saving Data Base of country time series on consumption -saving flows and their main determinants assembled for the World Bank project on Saving Across the World. The dataset improves upon existing publicly available datasets on several grounds. First, it extends coverage to a broader set of developing and industrial economies. Second, it corrects data inconsistencies in country time series in existing data bases. Third, it unifies definitions regarding the composition of the public sector. Fourth, it provides saving data adjusted for capital gains and losses from inflation and real exchange rate devaluation. Fifth, the new data base includes a set of standard saving determinants. The paper also summarizes the coverage of the data base. The data have been constructed from careful analysis of the major data bases publicly available and from inspection of some 2,000 country-specific documents.

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