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This page lists content-rich current outputs (updated document versions, miscellaneous documents, and web pages).

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Economic Growth



Institutions and Governance

Macroeconomic Volatility
  • The Welfare Effects of a Large Depreciation: The Case of Egypt 2000-2005, Aart Kraay, Future Prospects, Hanaa Kheir-El-Din (ed.), 2008
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  • Trade Integration and Risk Sharing, Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura, 2002
  • Product Prices and the OECD Cycle, Aart Kraay and Jaume Ventura, 2002

Investment Climate and the Microeconomics of Growth

Impact of Investment Climate Policies on Firm Growth and Performance


 Entry, Exit and Competition

 Regulations Affecting Human Capital Constraints to Growth

 Policies to Promote Technological Change

 Corruption and Regulatory Burdens


The Distributional Impact of Investment Climate Conditions Across Types of Firms

Evaluating Government Interventions to Support Markets

Financial Globalization and Financial Development

Financial Globalization

Financial Development

Financial Crises and Contagion

International Capital Flows

Exchange Rates






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