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Economic Growth [...continued]

WPS5012Too poor to growLopez, Humberto; Serven, Luis2009/08
WPS5002The growth aftermath of natural disastersFomby, Thomas; Ikeda, Yuki; Loayza, Norman2009/07
WPS4980Natural disasters and growth - going beyond the averagesLoayza, Norman; Olaberria, Eduardo; Rigolini, Jamele; Christiaensen, Luc2009/06
WPS4888Informality in Latin America and the CaribbeanLoayza, Norman V.; Serven, Luis; Sugawara, Naotaka2009/03
WPS4872Multilateral debt relief through the eyes of financial marketsRaddatz, Claudio2009/03
WPS4712Infrastructure and economic development in Sub-Saharan AfricaCalderon, Cesar; Serven, Luis2008/09
WPS4692Political violence and economic growthBodea, Cristina; Elbadawi, Ibrahim A.2008/08
WPS4636Real exchange rates, saving and growth : is there a link ?Montiel, Peter J.; Serven, Luis2008/05
WPS4525Credit chains and sectoral comovemen t: does the use of trade credit amplify sectoral shocks ?Raddatz, Claudio2008/02
WPS4487Fiscal redistribution and income inequality in Latin AmericaGoni, Edwin; Lopez, J. Humberto; Serven, Luis2008/01

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