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Institutions and Governance [...continued]

WPS4654Governance matters VII : aggregate and individual governance indicators 1996-2007Kaufmann, Daniel; Kraay, Aart; Mastruzzi, Massimo2008/06
WPS4632Instrumental variables regressions with honestly uncertain exclusion restrictionsKraay, Aart2008/05
WPS4619Spite and developmentFehr, Ernst; Hoff, Karla; Kshetramade, Mayuresh2008/05
WPS4565Evo, Pablo, Tony, Diego, and Sonny - general equilibrium analysis of the illegal drugs marketChumacero, Romulo A.2008/03
WPS4543The development impact of the illegality of drug tradeKeefer, Philip; Loayza, Norman V.; Soares, Rodrigo R.2008/03
WPS4553The historical foundations of the narcotic drug control regimeBuxton, Julia2008/03
WPS4154Beyond legal origin and checks and balances : political credibility, citizen information, and financial sector developmentKeefer, Philip2007/03
WPS3575The kin system as a poverty trap?Hoff, Karla; Sen, Arijit2005/04
WPS3472Democracy, credibility and clientelismKeefer, Philip; Vlaicu, Razvan2005/01
WPS3479Why should we care about child labor? The education, labor market, and health consequences of child laborBeegle, Kathleen; Dehejia, Rajeev; Gatti, Roberta2005/01

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