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Institutions and Governance [...continued]

WPS5084Who survives ? the impact of corruption, competition and property rights across firmsHallward-Driemeier, Mary2009/10
WPS5040Caste and punishment : the legacy of caste culture in norm enforcementHoff, Karla; Kshetramade, Mayuresh; Fehr, Ernst2009/09
WPS5029Privatization and nationalization cyclesChang, Roberto; Hevia, Constantino; Loayza, Norman2009/08
WPS4929When do Legislators pass on "Pork" ? the determinants of legislator utilization of a constituency development fund in IndiaKeefer, Philip; Khemani, Stuti2009/05
WPS4902Banking on politicsBraun, Matias; Raddatz, Claudio2009/04
WPS4747Political alternation as a restraint on investing in influence : evidence from the post-communist transitionMilanovic, Branko; Hoff, Karla; Horowitz, Shale2008/10
WPS4762Populist fiscal policyKhemani, Stuti; Wane, Waly2008/10
WPS4654Governance matters VII : aggregate and individual governance indicators 1996-2007Kaufmann, Daniel; Kraay, Aart; Mastruzzi, Massimo2008/06
WPS4632Instrumental variables regressions with honestly uncertain exclusion restrictionsKraay, Aart2008/05
WPS4619Spite and developmentFehr, Ernst; Hoff, Karla; Kshetramade, Mayuresh2008/05

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