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Financial Globalization [...continued]

WPS3517Trade liberalization and the politics of financial developmentBraun, Matias; Raddatz, Claudio2005/02
WPS3440Market discipline under systemic risk - evidence from bank runs in emerging economiesLevy-Yeyati, Eduardo; Martinez Peria, Maria Soledad; Schmukler, Sergio L.2004/11
WPS3322Tango with the Gringo: the hard peg and real misalignment in ArgentinaAlberola, Enrique; Lopez, Humberto; Serven, Luis2004/06
WPS3192Greenfield foreign direct investment and mergers and acquisitions - feedback and macroeconomic effectsCalderon, Cesar; Loayza, Norman; Serven, Luis2004/01
30141Financial globalization: gain and pain for developing countriesSchmukler, Sergio L.2003/12
WPS3059Do capital flows respond to risk and return?Calderon, Cesar; Loayza, Norman; Serven, Luis2003/05
WPS3046Migration, spillovers, and trade diversion : the impact of internationalization on stock market liquidityLevine, Ross; Schmukler, Sergio L.2003/05
WPS3060World market integration through the lens of foreign direct investorsAlbuquerque, Rui; Loayza, Norman; Serven, Luis2003/05
WPS2986Government bonds in domestic and foreign currency: the role of macroeconomic and institutional factorsClaessens, Stijn; Klingebiel, Daniela; Schmukler, Sergio2003/03
WPS2903Financial globalization : unequal blessingsDe la Torre, Augusto; Levy Yeyati, Eduardo; Schmukler, Sergio L.2002/10

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