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2013 Approved Projects


Projects by Fiscal Year:

Projects for Fiscal Year 2013

No.Project TitleAmountTTL
Poverty dynamics and Public Service Delivery
1Uganda: Building Institutions for Government Accountability200,000Khemani
2An Evaluation of Long-Term Impacts of an Integrated Early Childhood Intervention for Low-Income Families in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil125,000de Walque
3Behavioral Economics for Better Public Service Management125,000di Maro
4How do we motivate public sector workers in developing countries?150,000Keefer
5Using Behavioral Economics to Measure and Improve CDD Operations100,000Rao
6Word Development Report 2015 he Behavioral and Social Foundations of Economic d evelopment500,000Karla Hoff
Investment Climate & Trade and Integration
7Salary Susu Plus: The Impact of Formal Savings on Spending and Borrowing50,000Klapper
8Improving the Management and Profits of Small Businesses and Their Measurement150,000McKenzie
9Worldwide Governance Indicators 2014-1550,000Keefer/Kraay
10Global Financial Development Report200,000Peria/Cihak
11Behaviorally Informed Mystery Shopping Tools for Consumer Protection Policymakers100,000Gine
12Firm Financing from Capital markets75,000Schmukler
13The Gains from International Migration Revisited125,000go
Global Public Goods
14A microdata dissemination challenge: Balancing data protection and data utility 100,000Dupriez
15Improving PPP Time Series100,000Hamadeh
16Supporting Ethiopia’s Push for 9 Million Improved Cooking Stoves to Improve Health and Combat Climate Change125,000Toman
17Hands-On Capacity Building in Environmental Economics: A Proposed Collaboration with the Environment for Development Initiative175,000toman
18Improving and Expanding PovcalNet 100,000Chen
19Data version management and linked data100,000Veerappan
20Economy-wide Valuation of Local/Regional Ecosystem Services from Amazon Forest Area100,000Toman/Strand
Economic Development and Structural Change
21Simple Global Analysis with R23 Model and Database for 200+ Countries100,000Go
22Promoting rural-urban integration in China100,000Deininger
23Community, Family and Household Support for the Elderly in the Wake of Rapid Urbanization: Evidence from Rural China200,000Giles
24Aging: the changing nature of intergenerational flows in developing countries150,000Bussolo
25The coming wave of educated workers: size and impact on global inequality and poverty150,000Bussolo
26Corporate Governance and Systemic Risk50,000Martinez Peria/Anginer
27Institutional Investors50,000Schmukler
28MENA Job Creation, Structural Change and Economic development1,485,000Hallward-driemeier

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