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2012 Completed Projects


Projects by Fiscal Year:

Projects for Fiscal Year 2012

No.Project TitleTF#TTL
Poverty dynamics and Public Service Delivery
1Measuring Inequality and Inequality of Opportunity using DIME MicrodataTF099007Kondylis
2Learning from Interventions to Improve Parenting Skills in ChileTF098991Galasso
3Economic Growth and Crisis in Africa: Improving Methods for Measuring PovertyTF094629Lanjouw
4The impact of providing land titles in GhanaTF094650Goldstein
5HIV/AIDS Treatment and PreventionTF094627de Walque
6Learning and Educational Achievements in Pakistan (LEAPS): ContinuationTF094625Das
7Impact Evaluation of Youth-Friendly Services on Voluntary Counseling and Testing among the Youth aged 15-24 years in KenyaTF094157Legovini
8WDR 2011 "Conflict and Development"TF096467Milante
9Correcting the sampling bias of China urban household surveyTF098362Chen
10World Development Report 2012 - Gender Equity and DevelopmentTF097370Revenga, Shetty
Investment Climate and Trade Integration
11Global Financial Inclusion IndicatorsTF010705Klapper
12Bank Bailouts & Moral HazardTF099249Anginer
13Globalization, Risk, and CrisesTF094565Schmukler
14An Experimental Study Of ‘Poverty Traps’ Among Micro-Entrepreneur GroupsTF094567Ozler
15Transport Costs and Development:  Evidence from China’s Infrastructure BoomTF094600Jacoby
16Services, FDI and Endogenous Productivity Effects in the European Neighborhood Policy—A quantitative assessment for GeorgiaTF094947Fernandes
17Modeling and Analysis of Consumption PatternsTF094570Dupriez
18Analyzing the impact of financial crisis on international bank lending to developing countries TF095266Dailami
19Strengthening agricultural production systems and facilitating access to markets: Impact Evaluation of Nigeria’s Commercial Agriculture DevelopmentTF094158Legovini
20Can Microfinance Foster Entrepreneurship in Poor Communities?TF097641McKenzie
21Reducing informality among firms in Minas Gerais, BrazilTF097838Legovini
22Will there be a Phoenix Miracle? Firm-level evidence from financial crisesTF097976Demirguc-Kunt
23Private Sector Dynamics in Cote D'IvoireTF097841Klapper
Global Public Goods
24Economics of Biofuels and Potential Impacts on BiodiversityTF094965Timilsina
25Improving Governance of African River Basins – Determinants of Successes and Failures in Past ReformsTF094962Toman
26Improving Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation – Electricity Market Competition and Low-Carbon Generation TechnologiesTF094964Kessides
27Research on HIV/AIDS Prevention and TreatmentTF097048de Walque
28Enhanced global macro/financial model for developing countriesTF099394Rensburg
Economic Development and Structural Change
29Research Agenda in New Structural EconomicsTF097765Sepulveda
30Export Transaction DatabaseTF098106Fernandes/Freund

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