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Donors & Events

The Consultative Group (CG) consists of representatives of the contributing donors, developing country policy makers, the World Bank and other interested parties, and is chaired by the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, DEC (or his nominee). The CG is responsible for approving the criteria for selection of projects. It meets once a year to consider long-term strategies and provides general guidance on the operation of the trust fund in the context of DEC's program as a whole. The CG is also responsible for approving the annual work program and financial plan, and reviews the KCP's performance on the basis of a progress and accomplishment report on the activities financed by the KCP. Decisions are made by consensus. In conjunction with the CG annual meeting, the Bank may organize a seminar to discuss a specific topic concerning knowledge creation of relevance to the group.

CG Meeting of November 3, 2014

Tallinn, Estonia

Agenda| KCP Annual Report 2014 |
Presentations | Video

CG Meeting of October 25, 2013

Paris, France

Agenda | KCP Annual Report 2013 |
Presentations |Meeting Notes

CG Meeting of November 28, 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark

Agenda | KCP Annual Report 2012 |
Presentations | Meeting Notes

CG Meeting of November 6, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden

Agenda | KCP Annual Report 2011 |
Presentations | Meeting Notes

CG Meeting of November 1, 2010

Oslo, Norway

Agenda | KCP Annual Report 2010 | Presentations

CG Meeting of October 12, 2009

London, UK

Agenda | KCP Report 2009 | Presentations

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