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How We Are Organized


How We Are Organized

Governance Structure

The Bank is responsible for administering the KCP. However, other development partners have an important role in its management. The governance structure of the KCP includes a Consultative Group (CG), an Internal Management Committee (IMC), a Program Administration Unit (PAU), and a Panel of External Technical Experts.

The CG consists of representatives of the official donors, developing country policy makers, the World Bank and other interested parties, and is chaired by the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Development Economics (DEC) (or his nominee). The CG meets once a year to consider long-term strategies and provides general guidance on the operation of the trust funds in the context of DEC’s program as a whole. The CG is engaged in the discussion of the annual work program and financial plan and reviews the KCP’s performance on the basis of an annual report on the activities financed by the KCP during the previous twelve months. Decisions are made by consensus. In conjunction with the annual CG meeting, the Bank organizes a seminar to discuss specific research topics concerning knowledge creation of relevance to the group.

The IMC is chaired by the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, DEC (or his nominee). The IMC includes representatives of DEC and the Bank’s operational units. The IMC invites proposals from DEC and from DEC in conjunction with other parts of the Bank and periodically reviews them against the agreed criteria, selecting proposals for financing in light of the funds available at a particular time and taking into account the geographical and thematic balance of the KCP portfolio.

The PAU handles the day-to-day business of the KCP and is a point of contact for routine issues. The unit reports to the head of the IMC. The Panel of External Technical Experts reviews and provides ex-ante recommendations of the proposals that are submitted to the IMC for review and approval. The Panel of External Technical Experts consists of several experts selected by the Bank and who must have substantial experience in research fields relevant to the KCP. In addition and on a case by case basis, the PAU may use Bank Peer Reviewers when suitable.

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