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Who We Are


Who We Are

The Bank is responsible for administering the KCP II. However, other development partners have an important role in its management. The governance structure of the KCP II includes a Consultative Group (CG), an Internal Management Committee (IMC), a Program Administration Unit (PAU), and a Panel of External Technical Experts. Read more»

Senior Management
Kaushik Basu
Senior Vice President and
Chief Economist
Ayhan Kose
Director, Development Prospects Group
Haishan Fu
Director, Development Data Group
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
Director, Development Research Group
Mohammad Zia M. Qureshi
Director, Operations & Strategy     
Indermit S. Gill
Director, Development Policy

Research Managers
Aaditya Mattoo
Research Manager
Trade & Intl. Integration
Luis Servén
Senior Adviser
Macroeconomics & Growth
Peter Lanjouw
Research Manager
Poverty & Inequality
Adam Wagstaff
Research Manager
Human Development
Michael Toman
Research Manager
Environment & Energy
William J. Martin
Research Manager
Agriculture & Rural Development
Maria Soledad Martinez Peria
Research Manager
Finance and Private Sector
Michael M. Lokshin
Computational Tools
Arianna Legovini
Acting Manager
Impact Evaluation

Program Administration Unit (PAU)
Jimmy Olazo
Program Manager
Nancy Tee Lim
Program Officer
Bintao Wang
Program Analyst
Elena Chi-Lin Lee
Program Coordinator
Dipankar Bhanot
Program Assistant

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