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About the KCP

About the KCP

About Knowledge for Change Program (KCP) III

KCP III officially became operational in December 2014 with the signature of the Administration Agreement between the Bank and the Government of Norway. The Governments of Estonia, United Kingdom, and Canada followed and became official donors of KCP III. More donor countries are expected to follow.

KCP III will continue to act as an effective, transparent and effective vehicle for pooling intellectual and financial resources in order to generate new knowledge and fill the knowledge gap in support of the KCP’s objectives. It aims to:

  • Generate high quality, cutting-edge, policy relevant research and data on development economics to support government efforts towards poverty reduction and shared prosperity. This includes data collection in the context of research, including methodological research related to the production or dissemination of development data. It also includes cross-country benchmarking exercises designed to identify successful policies and their effect on targeted populations. The World Bank has broad coverage of country operations in developing countries and low-income countries (LICs), which makes it well positioned to provide policy advice for these countries and respond to demands and feed research into policy discussions.
  • Contribute to policy making in developing countries. In close collaboration with World Bank operations, the research and data collection and analysis will focus on applied and policy oriented questions, which will support government officials with policy making guidance and contribute to understanding development issues in developing countries.
  • Enhance research and data collection capacity in developing countries. KCP III will encourage the World Bank teams to work with researchers and data specialists from developing countries with the aim of improving research and data collection capacity.

Compared to KCP II which funded activities under four themes, KCP III is expected to fund policy relevant research and data activities in the following areas: service delivery and aid effectiveness; poverty and shared prosperity; growth and job creation; fragility and risk management; international cooperation and global public goods; and innovation in data production, analysis and dissemination.

The Development Economics Vice Presidency of the World Bank will continue to administer KCP III on behalf of the donors. The KCP donors are represented in the Consultative Group, which meets yearly to discuss the strategic direction of KCP III, as well as its progress and accomplishments.

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