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All Completed Projects as of June 30, 2012


Projects by Status (as of June 30, 2012):

No. Project title Fiscal year
Poverty dynamics and Public Service Delivery
1 Piloting A Micro Survey Approach to Health Care Provisions in Poor Countries FY05
2 The Economics of Civil War Crime and Violence FY05
3 Background Studies for WDR 2004 FY05
4 Perspectives on Making Services Work for Poor People FY05
5 The Long-Run Impacts of Health Shocks in Africa FY05
6 The Human Cost of Indoor Air Pollution: New Estimates for Africa and Southern Asia FY05
7 User Fees in Health Care: An Evaluation of Two Near Natural Experiments of Abolition of User Fees in Africa FY05
8 Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Capacity Building in National Statistical Offices (NSOs): Accountability and Governance in Africa FY05
9 Evaluating Frontline Service Delivery : Management and Analysis FY05
10 Surveys and Assessments in Low Income Countries and Regions FY05
11 Incentives, Choice and Accountability in Basic Education Services: Piloting a Micro Survey Approach FY06
12 China: Enhancing the Poverty Impact of the New Land Law FY07
13 Increasing Access to Land by the Rural Poor in India FY07
14 Evaluating Long-Run Welfare Impacts: Two Case Studies for East Asia FY07
15 Evaluating the Impact of AIDS Prevention and Treatment Services FY07
16 World Development Report 2006: Equity and Development FY07
17 Developing A Methodology For Aggregating Poverty-Specific PPPs FY07
18 Dynamics of Slum Formation and Strategies to Improve Lives of Slum Dwellers FY07
19 Impact Evaluations of Interventions Aiming to Improve Education Outcomes of Vulnerable Children FY07
20 Improving Educational Outcomes through Choice and Decentralized Management FY07
21 Building on the Methodology Developed for Aggregating Poverty-Specific PPPs and Building a Household Expenditure FY09
22 Poverty Reduction and Human Development: Analysis of Alternative Strategies Within an Economy-Wide Framework FY09
23 WDR 2007 - Development and the Next Genereation FY09
24 WDR 2008 Agriculture, Poverty and Development FY09
25 Research for Improving Household Survey Data FY09
26 Evaluating the Role of Participation in Poverty Reduction FY09
27 Identifying Policy Interventions to Overcome Political Obstacles to Serving the Poor FY09
28 Political Institutions, Development, and a Domestic Violence Civil Peace FY09
29 Labor Issues in Service Delivery for Human Development: Incentives and Performance FY09
30 Aid Effectiveness: New Research Directions FY10
31 Micro Simulations of Poverty Reduction and Services FY10
32 African Green Revolution: Finding Ways to Boost Productivity FY10
33 World Development Report 2009-Reshaping Economic Geography FY10
34 Measuring and Understanding the Impacts of Development Projects FY10
35 Determinants of Low-Income Countries' Access to Private Debt Markets FY10
36 Policy Research Report on Local Governance and Local Development FY10
37 Peace and Development, Post-Conflict Transitions FY10
38 Information and Life Transitions Among Youths: Evaluating the Impact of ICT in Two Developing Countries FY10
39 Improving Women's Health in Africa FY10
40 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Sustainable Land Management Interventions in Ethiopia FY10
41 Are Opportunity Profiles Useful to Inform Policy Decisions? FY10
42 Aid Effectiveness - How Unpredictable Aid Influences Service Delivery: Results from Case Studies FY10
43 China Urban Di Bao Study FY10
44 World Development Report 2011: Conflict and Development FY10
45 The International Income Distribution Database (I2D2) FY10
46 Poverty Mapping in China FY11
47 Kagera Health and Development Survey 2010: Long-Run Patterns of Growth and Poverty in Africa FY11
53 HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention FY12
Investment Climate & Trade and Integration
59 Agricultural Trade Policy FY05
60 Impact of Liberalization in Textiles and Apparel on Developing Countries FY05
61 Emerging Trends in Industrial Competitiveness in East Asia FY05
62 Migration:Development Problems and Opportunities FY05
63 Developing Countries and WTO Dispute Settlement, Assessment and Lessons from the Experience to Date FY05
64 Agricultural WTO Trade and Reforms and Their Impact on Poverty: Consumption and Income Effects FY05
65 Kenya - Diagnostic Trade Integration Study FY05
66 Caribbean Growth and Competitiveness Study FY06
67 Investment Climate Surveys FY07
72 WDR Report 2005: Investment Climate, Growth and Poverty FY07
73 Investment Climate Analysis FY08
74 Migration Policies and Their Impact on Development FY08
75 The WTO and Economic Development FY08
76 Decentralization, Community Organizations and Elite Capture FY08
77 Growth, Innovation, and Reform FY09
78 Evaluating Investment Climate Improvements and Growth at the Firm Level FY09
79 Investment Climate's Contribution to Growth Through Firm Dynamics and Allocative Efficiency FY09
80 Access to Finance and Poverty Alleviation FY09
81 U.S. Antidumping on Vietnamese Catfish: Impacts on Mekong Farmers FY09
82 Expansion of Global Retainl Chains: Implication for Technology Transfer and Pro-Competitive Effects in Developing Countries FY09
83 Barriers to Banking FY10
84 Household Surveys of Access to Financial Services FY10
85 International Migration, Remittances and Development FY10
86 New Research on Firm Informality FY10
87 Household Surveys of International Migration and Remittances FY10
88 Private Sector Development Research Program FY10
89 World wide Governance Indicators FY10
90 Growth Effects of Public Investment FY10
91 Migration, Remittances and Development in Africa: Household Survey with Existing Sampling Frame FY10
92 Macroeconomic Effects of Allocative Efficiency FY10
93 How do Institutional Investors Manage World Savings? FY10
94 Brain Drain and Brain Gain of Ghana's Best and Brightest FY10
95 Impact Evaluation of Structural Shift in Supply of Banking Services in Mexico FY10
96 Commodity Prices, Policies, and Poverty FY10
97 Innovation and Informality Across the Firm Size Spectrum in Sri Lanka FY10
98 Capital Raising Activity in Domestic and International Markets FY10
99 New Research on Private Equity in Developing Countries FY10
100 Migration and its Impact on Households and Individuals in Migrant-Sending Communities FY10
101 Labor Markets, Structural Transformations, and the Informal Sector FY10
102 Macroeconomics Volatility: Causes and Consequences FY10
103 Pro-Cyclical of Capital Requirements: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Lessons for Middle-Income Countries FY10
104 How Much Do Management Practices Matter? A Randomized Experiment in India FY10
105 The Financial Crisis and Foreign Bank Participation in Developing Countries FY11
106 Employment Creation in Large and Small Firms FY11
107 Developing Country Fiscal Policy Responses to the Crisis FY11
110 Globalization, Risk, and Crises FY11
111 An Experimental Study Of ‘Poverty Traps’ Among Micro-Entrepreneur Groups FY11
112 Transport Costs and Development: Evidence from China’s Infrastructure Boom FY11
113 Services, FDI and Endogenous Productivity Effects in the European Neighborhood Policy—A quantitative assessment for Georgia FY11
114 Modeling and Analysis of Consumption Patterns FY11
115 Analyzing the impact of financial crisis on international bank lending to developing countries FY11
Global Public Goods
121 Policy Research Report: Forests, Livelihoods, and the Environment FY07
122 Climate Mitigation, Adaptation, and Sustainable Development: Risks Benefits and Institutions FY08
123 Understanding Disease Control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza FY09
124 Global Migration Database Extensions - A Global Public Good FY09
125 The Social and Economic Impacts of Influenza Epidemics and Polices to Contain Them FY09
126 Mitigating Climate Change by Avoinding Lock-Ins to High Carbon Energy Systems FY09
127 Options for Cleaner Energy in Developing Countries and Overcoming Barriers to Their Adoption and Sustainability FY09
128 Global Warning and Developing Countries: An Economy-Wide Perspective FY09
129 Improving Malaria Outcomes Through Evidence-Based Program Design: A Multi-Country Initiative to Support the World Bank's Booster Program for Malaria Control FY09
130 World Development Report 2010 - Part 1 Climate Change and Development FY09
131 Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels FY09
Economic Development and Structural Change
137 Research Agenda in New Structural Economics FY12
138 Export Transaction Database FY12

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