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All Completed Projects as of June 30, 2013


Projects by Fiscal Year:

Projects for Fiscal Year 2013

No. Project Title TF# TTL
Poverty dynamics and Public Service Delivery
1 A 10-Year Follow-up of a Community-Level Nutrition Program in Madagascar  TF010642 GALASSO
2 Implementing a Multi-Disciplinary Tool for Social Capital Measurement TF010644 Di Maro
3 The Effects of Home Based HIV Counselling & Testing: IE of a Program in Kenya TF094626 GOLDSTEIN
4 Policy, Governance and the Private Sector in the Provision of Public Services: Evidence from Indonesia's Health Sector TF097381 GILES
5 TASAF R3 Survey Support TF098792 0ZLER
6 LSMS: Improving the Quality and Comparability of Income Data Through Research and Dissemination TF098797 BEEGLE
7 Measuring Development Indicators for Pastoralist Populations TF098893 BEEGLE
Investment Climate and Trade Integration
8 Least Developed Countries and the Externality Impact of WTO Dispute Settlement TF010373 BOWN
9 Macroeconomic Impacts of Aid and Public Spending TF010545 KRAAY
10 Comparable Disaggregated Census Data Across Developing Countries TF094566 Hallward-Driemeier
11 Labor Markets and Impacts of the Financial Crisis: Evidence from China and India TF094568 GILES
12 FDI and Macroeconomic Stability TF095146 HEVIA
13 Bank competition and access to finance TF097625 PERIA
14 Worldwide Governance Indicators TF097855 KEEFER/KRAAY
15 Fiscal multipliers and the state of the economy TF099120 HEVIA
Global Public Goods
16 Data Resource Center for Structural Economic Analysis TF010291 Fantom
17 International Cooperation and Conflict Over Water TF010600 TOMAN
18 Economic Impacts of Low Carbon Growth Scenarios in Selected Developing Countries TF094963 TOMAN
19 Survey Data Repository and Management Toolkit TF097836 DUPRIEZ/ MISTIAEN
20 Quantifying the Transaction Costs of Selected Energy Efficiency Measures to Reduce GHG Emissions TF098661 TIMILSINA
Economic Development and Structural Change
21 WDR 2013 "Jobs" TF010228 RAMA/ BEEGLE
22 Structural Transformation, Macroeconomic Behaviors and Industrial Policies TF010795 HON
23 Stimulating Industrial Upgrading in Sub-Saharan Africa TF097645 GOLDSTEIN
24 Upgrading the Networking and Technological Capacity of suppliers in South Africa TF099128 FERNANDES
25 Testing the Robustness of the Energy Intensity Kuznets Curve TF099203 DEICHMANN
26 Commodity Prices, Household Adjustments, and Structural Transformation TF099604 LEDERMAN

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