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KCP Results and Outputs

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

The KCP aims to enhance knowledge sharing and learning in all its activities. In an effort to make findings and lessons of KCP projects accessible to target audiences in a user-friendly way, we maintain mainly five channels of communication as listed and linked below.

The main purpose of these tools is to enable partners to capitalize on lessons learned by gaining insight and understanding from KCP experience, and by applying this knowledge to generate new knowledge.

This effort will help the KCP partners create and transform knowledge into action, innovation, and change.


KCP Perspectives 

KCP Perspectives is a four-page Newsletter that summarizes evaluations and highlights findings and recommendations of the completed KCP projects. Please click here to subscribe KCP Perspectives.


KCP e-Newsletter 

The KCP PAU developed a monthly e-Newsletter for timely updates of ongoing KCP projects both in areas where support was identified or needed. The e-Newsletter is available on the KCP Website and covers the following areas of work:

  • Working Paper Series
  • Seminar, Workshop, and other Events
  • Research Director's Column

Please click here to subscribe KCP Perspectives.



KCP Working Paper Series Database 

A searchable database for KCP supported Working Paper Series.  The objective of the database is to assist researchers and development partners in finding the most appropriate KCP findings for their respective project activities and to assist in utilizing the knowledge learned through KCP projects.



Progress and Completion Reports  

Available on the KCP website, the list of reports for ongoing and completed project is regularly published by the fiscal year.  The report provides information on activities as well as links to the papers and other publications funded by the relevant project.



KCP Annual Reports 

A comprehensive report on KCP’s activities throughout the preceding year. Annual reports are intended to give donors and other development partner information about the KCP's activities and financial performance.


Typically annual reports will include:

  • Message from the Research Director
  • Project Portfolio
  • Progress and Achievements of the preceding year
  • Finances including donor contributions and pledges, allocations, and disbursements.
  • Abstract of new projects approved in the preceding year.

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