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5993Why do some countries default more often than others ? the role of institutions Qian, Rong2012/03
5991The demand for, and consequences of, formalization among informal firms in Sri Lanka de Mel, Suresh; McKenzie, David; Woodruff, Christopher;2012/03
5984Weathering a storm : survey-based perspectives on employment in China in the aftermath of the global financial crisis Giles, John; Park, Albert; Cai, Fang; Du, Yang2012/03
5983Can we trust shoestring evaluations ? Ravallion, Martin2012/01
5973Stimulating demand for AIDS prevention : lessons from the RESPECT trial de Walque, Damien; Dow, William H.; Medlin, Carol; Nathan, Rose2012/02
5958Alternative cash transfer delivery mechanisms : impacts on routine preventative health clinic visits in Burkina Faso Akresh, Richard; de Walque, Damien; Kazianga, Harounan2012/01
5955Allocative inefficiencies resulting from subsidies to agricultural electricity use : an illustrative model Strand, Jon2012/01
5943Optimal food price stabilization in a small open developing country Gouel, Christophe; Jean, Sebastien2012/01
5934Aid tying and donor fragmentation Knack, Stephen; Smets, Lodewijk2012/01
5908Fact or artefact : the impact of measurement errors on the farm size - productivity relationship Carletto, Calogero; Savastano, Sara; Zezza, Alberto2011/12
5883The regressive demands of demand-driven development Baird, Sarah; McIntosh, Craig; Ozler, Berk2011/11
5873The measurement of educational inequality : achievement and opportunity Ferreira, Francisco H. G.; Gignoux, Jeremie2011/11
5870Consumption baskets and currency choice in international borrowing Bengui, Julien; Nguyen, Ha2011/11
5853The labor supply and retirement behavior of China's older workers and elderly in comparative perspective Giles, John; Wang, Dewen; Cai, Wei2011/10
5845A review of solar energy : markets, economics and policies Timilsina, Govinda R.; Kurdgelashvili, Lado; Narbel, Patrick A.2011/10
5828Patterns of business creation, survival and growth : evidence from Africa Klapper, Leora; Richmond, Christine2011/10
5789Ladies first ? firm-level evidence on the labor impacts of the East Asian crisis Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Rijkers, Bob; Waxman, Andrew2011/09
5785Does expanding health insurance beyond formal-sector workers encourage informality ? measuring the impact of Mexico's Seguro Popular Aterido, Reyes; Hallward-Driemeier, Mary; Pages, Carmen2011/08
5768Gross capital flows : dynamics and crises Broner, Fernando; Didier, Tatiana; Erce, Aitor; Schmukler, Sergio L.2011/08
5744The role of inventory adjustments in quantifying factors causing food price inflation Hochman, Gal; Rajagopal, Deepak; Timilsina, Govinda; Zilberman, David2011/08
5700Deconstructing herding : evidence from pension fund investment behavior Raddatz, Claudio; Schmukler, Sergio L.2011/06
5683Small area estimation-based prediction methods to track poverty : validation and applications Christiaensen, Luc; Lanjouw, Peter; Luoto, Jill; Stifel, David2011/06
5682Is infrastructure capital productive ? a dynamic heterogeneous approach Calderon, Cesar; Moral-Benito, Enrique; Serven, Luis2011/06
5678Under what conditions does a carbon tax on fossil fuels stimulate biofuels ? Timilsina, Govinda R.; Csordas, Stefan; Mevel, Simon2011/06
5673World oil price and biofuels : a general equilibrium analysis Timilsina, Govinda R.; Mevel, Simon; Shrestha, Ashish2011/06
5672Biofuels and climate change mitigation : a CGE analysis incorporating land-use change Timilsina , Govinda R.; Mevel, Simon2011/06
5671Reliability of recall in agricultural data Beegle, Kathleen; Carletto, Calogero; Himelein, Kristen2011/06
5666Fiscal policy and debt dynamics in developing countries Ilzetzki, Ethan2011/05
5662Deep trade policy options for Armenia : the importance of services, trade facilitation and standards liberalizationJensen, Jesper; Tarr, David G.2011/05
5646Good countries or good projects ? macro and micro correlates of World Bank project performanceDenizer, Cevdet; Kaufmann, Daniel; Kraay, Aart2011/05
5629School inputs, household substitution, and test scores Das, Jishnu; Dercon, Stefan; Habyarimana, James; Krishnan, Pramila; Muralidharan, Karthik; Sundararaman, Venkatesh2011/04
5626Does it matter who you sign with ? comparing the impacts of north-south and south-south trade agreements on bilateral tradeBehar, Alberto; Criville, Laia Cirera i2011/04
5625How integrated is SADC ? trends in intra-regional and extra-regional trade flows and policy Behar, Alberto; Edwards, Lawrence2011/04
5605Sudden stops and financial frictions : evidence from industry level dataCowan, Kevin; Raddatz, Claudio2011/03
5590Over the hedge : exchange rate volatility, commodity price correlations, and the structure of trade Raddatz, Claudio2011/03
5556The wage effects of immigration and emigration Docquier, Frederic; Ozden, Caglar; Peri, Giovanni2011/02
5550Using repeated cross-sections to explore movements in and out of poverty Lanjouw, Peter; Luoto, Jill; McKenzie, David2011/01
5513The impacts of biofuel targets on land-use change and food supply : a global CGE assessment Timilsina, Govinda R.; Beghin, John C.; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique; Mevel, Simon2010/12
5501Methods of household consumption measurement through surveys : experimental results from Tanzania Beegle, Kathleen; De Weerdt, Joachim; Friedman, Jed; Gibson, John2010/12
5414Explaining variation in child labor statistics Dillon, Andrew; Bardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Serneels, Pieter2010/09
5411Advanced biofuel technologies : status and barriers Cheng, Jay J.; Timilsina, Govinda R2010/09
5406Second-generation biofuels : economics and policies Carriquiry, Miguel A.; Du, Xiaodong; Timilsina, Govinda R2010/08
5275Water, sanitation and children's health : evidence from 172 DHS surveys Gunther, Isabel; Fink, Gunther2010/04
5259Cash or condition ? evidence from a cash transfer experiment Baird, Sarah; Mcintosh, Craig; Ozler, Berk2010/03
5192Do labor statistics depend on how and to whom the questions are asked ? results from a survey experiment in Tanzania Bardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Dillon, Andrew; Serneels, Pieter2010/01
5145Four critiques of the redistribution hypothesis : an assessment Milanovic, Branko2009/12
5143What did you do all day ? maternal education and child outcomes Andrabi, Tahir; Das, Jishnu; Khwaja, Asim Ijaz2009/11
5099Impacts of policy instruments to reduce congestion and emissions from urban transportation : the case of Sao Paulo, Brazil Anas, Alex; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/10
5098Why have CO2 emissions increased in the transport sector in Asia ? underlying factors and policy options Timilsina, Govinda R.; Shrestha, Ashish2009/10
5090Designing cost-effective cash transfer programs to boost schooling among young women in Sub-Saharan Africa Baird, Sarah; McIntosh, Craig; Ozler, Berk2009/10
5089The short-term impacts of a schooling conditional cash transfer program on the sexual behavior of young women Baird, Sarah; Chirwa, Ephraim; McIntosh, Craig; Ozler, Berk2009/10
5071Pricing externalities from passenger transportation in Mexico city Parry, Ian W.H.; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/10
5068An analysis of various policy instruments to reduce congestion, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in Beijing Anas, Alex; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Zheng, Siqi2009/10
5066Do value-added estimates add value ? accounting for learning dynamics Andrabi, Tahir; Das, Jishnu; Khwaja, Asim Ijaz; Zajonc, Tristan2009/09
5062The complementarity of MDG achievements : the case of child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa Lay, Jann; Robilliard, Anne-Sophie2009/09
5048Measuring household usage of financial services : does it matter how or whom You Ask ? Cull, Robert; Scott, Kinnon2009/09
5044Global inequality and the global inequality extraction ratio: the story of the past two centuries Milanovic, Branko2009/09
5037The long-run impacts of adult deaths on older household members in Tanzania Adhvaryu, Achyuta R.; Beegle, Kathleen2009/09
5029Privatization and nationalization cycles Chang, Roberto; Hevia, Constantino; Loayza, Norman2009/08
5017Lock-in effects of road expansion on CO2 emissions : results from a core-periphery model of Beijing Anas, Alex; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/08
4984Diasporas Beine, Michel; Docquier, Frederic; Ozden, Caglar2009/07
4925International migration, transfers of norms and home country fertility Beine, Michel; Docquier, Frederic; Schiff, Maurice2009/05
4904Frame-of-reference bias in subjective welfare regressions Beegle, Kathleen; Himelein, Kristen; Ravallion, Martin2009/04
4891Career placement of skilled migrants in the U.S. labor market : a dynamic approach Neagu, Ileana Cristina2009/04
4868Wind power development : economics and policies van Kooten, G. Cornelis; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/03
4867A review of regulatory instruments to control environmental externalities from the transport sector Timilsina, Govinda R.; Dulal, Hari B.2009/03
4866Energy demand models for policy formulation : a comparative study of energy demand models Bhattacharyya, Subhes C.; Timilsina, Govinda R.2009/03
4798Migration and economic mobility in Tanzania : evidence from a tracking survey Beegle, Kathleen; De Weerdt, Joachim; Dercon, Stefan2008/12
4747Political alternation as a restraint on investing in influence : evidence from the post-communist transition Milanovic, Branko; Hoff, Karla; Horowitz, Shale2008/10
4734The growth of transport sector CO2 emissions and underlying factors in Latin America and the Caribbean Timilsina, Govinda R.; Shrestha, Ashish2008/09
4717How will climate change shift agro-ecological zones and impact African agriculture ? Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep; Mendelsohn, Robert2008/09
4683Aid, service delivery, and the millennium development goals in an economy-wide framework Bourguignon, Francois; Diaz-Bonilla, Carolina; Lofgren, Hans2008/07



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