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KCP Newsletter Issue 3 April 2012

KCP Perspectives Volume 1 Issue 3

In this issue we look back at two different areas of research, where the KCP was strategically tapped to help us address emerging gaps in knowledge relevant to development policy.
 The first relates to financial inclusion and the second concerns international migration.

The KCP-funded work on financial inclusion culminated with the Policy Research Report (PRR) Finance for All?, which established a vital intellectual foundation for better and more effective policies in this key area. In the second article we tell the story of how the KCP was instrumental in jump-starting the research program on international migration. The research program produced three groundbreaking books on this important topic, as well as the world’s largest database on the brain drain.




KCP Perspectives Volume 1 Issue 2

To show how knowledge has been a catalyst for positive and constructive change in developing countries, the second issue of the KCP Perspectives covers KCP projects on trade policy research and development policy tool called ‘MAMS,’which stands for the Maquette for Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Simulations.





KCP Perspective Volume 1 Issue 1

In this first issue of the ‘KCP Perspective’, we are looking at two innovative and groundbreaking KCP research topics that have influenced the way we go about development, specifically the policy changes that these projects have stimulated that directly affect the poor.




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