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2011 'Making Aid Work'

Given the increased uncertainty and a possible slowdown in the global economy, this year’s annual report of the Knowledge for Change Program (KCP) is devoted to “Aid Effectiveness.” The reason is that we need to squeeze out as much development impact as possible from every aid dollar in the developing world.

ar2010 'Rethinking Development'

The global crisis has actually given us an opportunity not only to identify new areas of research on how to help developing countries cope with the challenges of the crisis and prevent similar crises in the future, but also on how to bring sustainable and inclusive growth to developing countries.


2009 'Responding to the Global Economic Crisis'

The food, fuel, and financial crises of 2008 dominated attention, including the attention of the World Bank’s research department. With the help of the Knowledge for Change Program, our researchers have responded in assessing the causes of the crises, the likely impacts on poverty and human development, and the appropriate policy responses.


2008 Knowledge for Change Annual Report

The KCP partnership looks back at the productive and successful year of 2008 and introduces some of the emerging challenges that developing countries are currently facing, in particular the soaring food prices.


2007 Knowledge for Change Annual Report

Featuring two award-winning publications on trade issues such as “Poverty and the WTO: Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda" and “Distortions to World Trade: Impacts on Agricultural Markets and Farm Incomes,” this annual report is an account of how the knowledge and ideas that emerge from KCP-funded work directly benefit the poor.



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