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Agriculture and Rural Development

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The research program on agricultural and rural development focuses on three broad themes: (1) effective ways to raise productivity (2) supplying public goods and dealing with external effects, and (3) ways to address poverty, volatility and vulnerability.  More » 


Working Papers

Agricultural Policies and Trade Paths in Turkey
Donald F. Larson, Will Martin, Sebnem Sahin, Marino Tsigas
Working Paper 7059, October 2014

Agricultural Productivity, Hired Labor, Wages and Poverty: Evidence from Bangladesh
Shahe Emran and Forhad Shilpi
Working Paper 7056, October 2014

Voting with Their Feet? Access to Infrastructure and Migration in Nepal
Forhad Shilpi,Prem Sangraula, and Yue Li
Working Paper 7047, September 2014

Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Food Price Changes on Poverty
Maros Ivanic and Will Martin
Working Paper 7011, August 2014

Grain Price Spikes and Beggar-Thy-Neighbor Policy Responses: A Global Economywide Analysis
Hans G. Jensen and Kym Anderson
Working Paper 7007, August 2014

Poverty Impacts of the Volume-Based Special Safeguard Mechanism
Maros Ivanic and Will Martin
Working Paper 7006, August 2014

Money or Ideas? A Field Experiment on Constraints to Entrepreneurship in Rural Pakistan
Xavier Giné and Ghazala Mansuri
Working Paper 6959, June 2014

Does Institutional Finance Matter for Agriculture? Evidence Using Panel Data from Uganda
Shahidur R. Khandker and Gayatri B. Koolwal
Working Paper 6942, June 2014

Who Will Feed China in the 21st Century? Income Growth and Food Demand and Supply in China
Emiko Fukase and Will Martin
Working Paper 6926, June 2014

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