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Agriculture and Rural Development: 2012 Publications

Journal Articles
Book Chapters
Seminars and Conferences
Working Papers 

Journal Articles

Ahmed, Syud Amer, Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Thomas W. Hertel, and Will Martin. 2012. “Agriculture and Trade Opportunities for Tanzania: Past Volatility and Future Climate Change.” Review of Development Economics 16(3): 429–47.

Considine Timothy, and Donald F. Larson. 2012. “Short Term Electric Production Technology Switching Under Carbon Cap and Trade.” Energies 5(10): 4165-85.

Deininger, Klaus, and Aparajita Goyal. 2012. “Going Digital: Credit Effects of Land Registry Computerization in India.” Journal of Development Economics 99(2, Nov.): 236-43.

Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, and Calogero Carletto. 2012. “Land Fragmentation, Cropland Abandonment, and Land Market Operation in Albania.” World Development 40(10, Oct.): 2108-22.

Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, and Calogero Carletto. 2012. “Can Diaries Help in Improving Agricultural Production Statistics? Evidence from Uganda.” Journal of Development Economics 98(1) 2012: 42-50.

Deininger, Klaus, and Derek Byerlee. 2012. “The Rise of Large Farms in Land Abundant Countries: Do They Have A Future?” World Development 40(4) 2012: 701-14.

Emran, M. Shahe, and Forhad F. Shilpi. 2012. “The Extent of the Market and Stages of Agricultural Specialization.” Canadian Journal of Economics 45(3): 1125-53.

Gobillon, Laurent, Thierry Magnac, and Harris Selod. 2012. "Do Unemployed Workers Benefit from Enterprise Zones? The French Experience." Journal of Public Economics 96 (9-10): 881-92.

Ivanic, Maros, Will Martin, and Hassan Zaman. 2012. "Estimating the Short-Run Poverty Impacts of the 2010-11 Surge in Food Prices." World Development 40 (11): 2302-17.

Dinar, Ariel, Donald F. Larson, and J. Aapris Frisbie. 2012.  “Clean Development Mechanism Agricultural Methodologies could help California to achieve AB 32 goals.” California Agriculture 66(4): 137-143.

Mundlak, Yair, Rita Buzter, and Donald F. Larson. 2012.  "Heterogeneous Technology and Panel Data:  The Case of the Agricultural Production Function." Journal of Development Economics 99(1): 139-49.

Khandker, Shahidur R., D. F. Barnes, and H. A. Samad. 2012. "Are the Energy Poor also Income Poor? Evidence from India." Energy Policy 47: 1-12, August.

Khandker, Shahidur R., M.A. Khalily, Samad Baqui, A. Hussain. 2012. "Seasonal Hunger and Its Mitigation in North-West Bangladesh." Journal of Development Studies 48 (12):1750-64.

Laborde, David, Will Martin, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe. 2012. "Implications of the Doha Market Access Proposals for Developing Countries." World Trade Review 11(1):1-25.

Laborde, David, and Will Martin. 2012. "Agricultural trade: what matters in the Doha Round?" Annual Review of Resource Economics 4:265–83.

Martin, Will, and Kym Anderson. 2012. “Export Restrictions and Price Insulation during Commodity Price Booms.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(2): 422-27.

Yang, Jun, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, and Will Martin. 2012. “Where is the Balance? Implications of Adopting Special Products and Sensitive Products in Doha Negotiations for World and China's Agriculture.” China Economic Review 23(3): 651-64.


Seasonal Hunger and Public Policies: Evidence from Northwest Bangladesh
By Shahidur R. Khandker and Wahiduddin Mahmud
Directions in Development.
Washington, DC: World Bank (July 2012).
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The Land Governance Assessment Framework: Identifying and Monitoring Good Practice in the Land Sector
By Klaus Deininger, Harris Selod, Anthony Burns
Washington, DC: World Bank (2012).
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Book Chapters

Larson, Donald F., Rita Butzer, and Yair Mundlak. 2012. "Measures of Fixed Capital in Agriculture." In Productivity Growth in Agriculture: An International Perspective, ed. Keith O. Fuglie, Sun Ling Wang and V. Eldon Ball.Oxfordshire, UK: CAB International.

Hoekman, B. and Will Martin. 2012. "Reducing Distortions in international commodity markets: an agenda for multilateral cooperation." In Trade, Competition, and the Pricing of Commodities, ed. S. Evenett, and F. Jenny. Center for Economic Policy Research, London.


Ali, Daniel Ayalew, Klaus Deininger, Marguerite Duponchel, and Loraine Ronchi. 2012. "How Land Tenure Regularization Can Contribute to Agricultural Growth in Rwanda." Case Study.  Development Research Group, World Bank, Washington, DC. 

Ali, Daniel Ayalew, Klaus Deininger, and Markus Goldstein. 2012. "Environmental and Gender Impacts of Land Tenure Regularization in Africa: Pilot Evidence from Rwanda."  Case Study.  Development Research Group, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Seminars and Conferences

May 5-6, 2012

G20 Commodities
Los Cabos, Mexico

Agenda and presentations
April 23 - 26, 2012
Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty
Agenda and proceedings 
March 16, 2012

Contemporary Food Policy Challenges, Per Pintstrup-Andersen, H. E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition & Public Policy, Cornell University


Video recording of session

January 11, 2012

An African Green Revolution: Finding Ways to Boost Productivity
Keijiro Otsuka, Lead Researcher, DECWD
Donald Larson, Senior Economist, DECAR


Working Papers

Ahmed, Syud Amer, Noah S. Diffenbaugh, Thomas W. Hertel, and Will Martin. 2012. “Agriculture and Trade Opportunities for Tanzania: Past Volatility and Future Climate Change.” Policy Research Working Paper 6132. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Ali, Daniel Ayalew, and Klaus W. Deininger. 2012. “Causes and Implications of Credit Rationing in Rural Ethiopia: The Importance of Spatial Variation.” Policy Research Working Paper  6096, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Arndt, Channing, William Farmer, Kenneth Strzepek, and James Thurlow. 2012.  “Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security in Tanzania.” Policy Research Working Paper 6188. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Deininger, Klaus, Jin, Songqing, and Vandana Yadav.. 2012. “Does Sharecropping Affect Productivity and Long-Term Investment? Evidence from West Bengal’s Tenancy Reforms.” Policy Research Working Paper 6293. World Bank, Washington, DC. 

Deininger, Klaus, Sara Savastano, Calogero Carletto. 2012. “Land fragmentation, cropland abandonment, and land market operation in Albania.” Policy Research working paper 6032. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Deininger, Klaus, Songqing Jin, Fang Xia. “Moving off the farm: Land institutions to facilitate structural transformation and agricultural productivity growth in China.” Policy Research working paper 5949. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Emran, M. Shahe, and Forhad J. Shilpi. 2012.  "Gender, Geography and Generations: Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Post-reform India." Policy Research Working Paper 6055. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Haughton, Jonathan, and Shahidur Khandker. 2012. “The Surprising Effects of the Great Recession: Losers and Winners in Thailand in 2008-2009.” Policy Research Working Paper 6255. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Hoekman, Bernard, and Will Martin. 2012. “Reducing Distortions in International Commodity Markets An Agenda for Multilateral Cooperation.” Policy Research Working Paper 5928. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Khandker, Shahidur. 2012.  “Who benefits most from rural electrification? Evidence in India.” Policy Research Working Paper 6095. World Bank, Washington, DC. 

Larson, Donald F., Ariel Dinar, and Brian Blankespoor. 2012.  “Aligning Climate Change Mitigation and Agricultural Policies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.” Policy Research Working Paper 6080. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Larson, Donald F., Keijiro Otsuka, Talip Kilic, and Tomoya Matsumoto. 2012.  "Should African Rural Development Strategies Depend on Smallholder Farms? An Exploration of the Inverse Productivity Hypothesis.” Policy Research Working Paper 6190. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Larson, Donald F., Julian A. Lampietti, Christophe Gouel, Carlo Cafiero, and John Roberts. 2012.  “Food Security and Storage in the Middle East and North Africa.” Policy Research Working Paper 6031. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Laborde, David, and Will Martin. “Agricultural Trade: What Matters in the Doha Round?” Policy Research Working Paper 6261. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Pitt, Mark M., and Shahidur Khandker. 2012. “Replicating Replication: Due Diligence in Roodman and Morduch’s Replication of Pitt and Khandker (1998).” Policy Research Working Paper 6273. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Rabassa, Mariano, Emmanuel Skoufias, and Hanan G. Jacoby. 2012. “Weather and Child Health in Rural Nigeria.” Policy Research Working Paper 6214. World Bank, Washington, DC.

Rahman, Shaikh M., Donald F. Larson, and Ariel Dinar. 2012. “The Cost Structure of the Clean Development Mechanism.”  Policy Research Working Paper 6262, World Bank. Washington, DC.

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