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Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

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                      Adobe PDF                ANNUAL WORLD BANK CONFERENCE ON LAND AND POVERTY
                                                            APRIL 18 - 20, 2011
                                                             WASHINGTON, DC

                                                       CONFERENCE PROGRAM

Preston Auditorium

18:00 – 19:30 pm

Chair: J. Lin, Sr. Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank

Theme 1: Governance  | Theme 2: Challenges  | Theme 3: Research

Land policies in a volatile world: Challenges and opportunities for joint action VideocamVideocamVideocam
            N. Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director, World Bank pdf icon
Brief remarks
          R.P. Tumusiime, Commissioner for Rural Economy & Agriculture, 
          African Union
          J. C. Restrepo, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development,
          Government of Colombia
          T. Nxesi, Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform,
          Republic of South Africa
          A. Mueller, Assistant Director-General, FAO
          E. Postel, Assistant Administrator for Economic Growth, Agriculture and
          Trade, USAID



GOV1: Towards an integrated land administration system in Ethiopia 

            Tuesday, April 19th | 8:00 – 10:00 am | Preston Auditorium

Chair: K. Ohashi, World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia


Rural land administration systems in Ethiopia: The present and the future  pdf iconpaper3
           T. Abza, Director, Ministry of Agriculture 

Impact of land certification program in rural Ethiopia pdf icon
           D. Ali, Economist, World Bank 
Urban land information system: The benefits and the strategies pdf iconpaper3
           N. Woldegebreal, Government of Ethiopia 

Household welfare effects of low-cost land certification in Ethiopia  pdf iconpaper3
           S. Holden, Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Aas 

           S. Bekure, Tetra Tech ARD Inc/USAID
           O. Kaganova, Urban Institute pdf icon

GOV2: Addressing land governance challenges in India (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm | Preston Auditorium
Chair: T. Haque, Former Chairman CACP

Back-office integration of land records in Karnataka: Accomplishments and lessons pdf icon
           R. Chawla, Bhoomi and K.V. Rudresha, SSLR Bangalore

Urban property cards and beyond: The scope for PPPs to address critical land issues in India
           B.N. Devaiah, CEO, SECON Ltd, Bangalore

Land policy in the context of India’s development: Scenarios and policy issues pdf icon
           H. Binswanger-Mkhize, Professor, Tswane Inst. of Technology, Pretoria
           E. Stair, Commissioner of Lands, Jamaica
           S. Kumar, Rural Development Institute

GOV3: Addressing new challenges for land and resource governance in Brazil (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 14:00 – 16:00 pm | Preston Auditorium

Chair: M. Lundell, Sector Leader, World Bank

Terra Legal
: Brazil’s approach to land regularization in the Legal Amazon pdf icon
            C. Guedes, Special Secretary, Ministry of Agrarian Development, Brazil

Sao Paulo’s Cidade Legal Program: Innovative ways of regularizing occupations and urban settlements pdf icon paper3
            S. Figueiredo, Executive Secretary, Cidade Legal, Sao Paulo State 
            Housing Secretariat 

Can the private sector contribute to land tenure? Potential and limits pdf icon
           A. Albuquerque, Founder, Terra Nova Regularizacoes Fundiarias, Ltda
            B. Reydon, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil pdf icon
            N. Bazoglu, UN-Habitat 

GOV4: Improving governance of rural and natural resources in China (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 16:30 – 18:30 pm | Preston Auditorium

Chair: M. Lovei, Sector Manager EASER, World Bank

Exploring integrated rural and urban development in China: The case of Chengdu pdf icon
           G. Li, World Bank

Lessons from China’s forest tenure reform and implications for next steps pdf icon
           J. Xu, Professor, Beijing University

Land Rights at the Crossroads: Findings from a Nationwide Survey in Rural China pdf icon
           K. Zhu, Landesa 
           J. Riedinger, Michigan State University

Rural Land Registration & Certification Program: A Case Study in Modeling pdf iconpaper3
           C. Barlow & P. Rabley, International Land Systems

           S. Jin, Assistant Michigan State University
           L. Galliez, Conseil Superieur du Notariat, France

GOV5: Ghana: Land regularization at the interface between chief and individual (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 8:00 – 9:30 am | Preston Auditorium 

Chair: I. Diwan, World Bank Country Director for Ghana

Strengthening customary structures for good land governance: Dynamics of Customary Land Secretariats pdf icon
           N. A. Yirrah, Executive Director, COLANDEF

Ghana’s LAP: Accomplishments, impacts, and the way ahead pdf iconpaper3
          O. Larbi, CEO, Land Commissions, Government of the Republic of 

Contributions in the land sector through the Millennium Development Authority's agriculture project pdf icon
           I. Karikari, Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) 
           K. Barthel, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Risks and impacts from land certification in Ghana: Initial evidence from an impact evaluation pdf icon
           M. Goldstein, Senior Economist, World Bank 
           B. Allah-Mensah, Social Development Specialist, World Bank

           C. De Roy, Medeem
           S. Kolavalli, IFPRI Ghana
GOV6: Land tenure regularization in Rwanda: Approach, initial impacts & sustainability (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 10:00 – 11:30 am | Preston Auditorium

Chair: C. Harelimana, DFID Rwanda, Kigali

Program design, implementation progress, sustainability, and initial impacts pdf icon
            E. Nkurunziza, Director General, National Land Centre, Kigali

The impacts of land tenure regularization: Evidence from a pilot intervention in Rwanda pdf icon
            D. Ali, Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank

The role of civil society in formulation, implementation, and monitoring of land policies in Rwanda pdf icon
            A. Kairaba, Director, Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development

             K. de Zeeuw, Director, Kadaster
             A. Durand-Lasserve, Research Director, CNRS

GOV7: Monitoring land governance: Promising approaches and challenges ahead (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 11:30 am – 13:00 pm | Preston Auditorium

Chair: P. Munro-Faure, FAO

The partnership for land governance: Experience thus far and challenges ahead pdf icon
           M. McMillan & R. Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI 
           R. Birner, Professor, University of Hohenheim

Improving Land Governance in Africa: Role and Accomplishments of the AUC-ECA-AfDB Land Policy Initiative
           C. Ezigbalike, African Centre for Statistics, UN Economic Commission for Africa

Land governance and land tenure developments in the Arab regionpdf icon
           W. Zimmerman, Land Policy Adviser, GIZ

Multi-stakeholder efforts to monitor land governance: Lessons and next steps pdf icon
            A. Mauro, International Land Coalition

            S. Al Langawi, Gulf Coordination Council (GCC), Bahrain
            J. Blok, EU Land Policy Group

GOV8: Roundtable on AU LPI implementation in the context of global processes
Wednesday, April 20th | 14:30 – 16:00 pm | Preston Auditorium

Moderator: J. Kagwanja, Program Officer, Policy and Partnerships, AGRA

            A. Mueller, Assistant Director General, FAO
            C. Ezigbalike, African Center for Statistics, UNECA 
            K. Brooks, Sector Manager, Africa Region, World Bank
            A. Kairaba, Director, Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development
            A. Gebre-Egziabher, Director, Global Division, UN-Habitat

 Addressing the Governance Challenge: Developing and Operationalizing the VGs and RAI (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 8:00 – 10:00 am | MC 13-121
Chair:  G. Myers USAID, Chair CFS Working Group on Voluntary Guidelines for land governance

Addressing the governance challenge: Developing and operationalizing the VGs and RAI pdf icon
            P. Munro-Faure, FAO

Towards responsible foreign direct investment in developing country agriculture pdf icon
            D. Hallam, FAO

             W. Kiene, Chairman, Independent Compliance Review Panel, IADB
             C. Toulmin, Director IIED and HLTF

CHA2: Does smallholder farming have a future? (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm | MC 13-121

Chair: J. Howard, Deputy Coordinator for Development, Office of the  Coordinator, Feed the Future

AGRI-ENABLE: Altima Africa’s Smallholder Farming Initiative pdf icon
            A. Selby, Altima Partners

Impacts and trade-Offs associated with large-scale land acquisition in the forest frontier pdf icon
            L. German, CIFOR

Agrarian change below the radar screen: Farmland acquisitions by domestic investors in West Africa pdf iconpaper3
            J. Nelen, SNV Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou
            T. Hilhorst, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Can agricultural investments be structured to benefit local farmers? pdf icon
             L. Cotula, IIED

             K. Boudreaux, Mercatus Centre, George Mason University
             A. Engel, GIZ

CHA3: Monitoring land acquisitions from different angles: Is there scope for collaboration? (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
          Tuesday, April 19th | 14:00 – 16:00 pm | MC 13-121

Chair:  M. Bapna, Executive Vice President, World Resource Institute pdf icon

Overview of IFC’s performance standards and how they are implemented pdf icon
           P. Miller, IFC

How can civil society monitor large land deals? pdf icon
           D. Pruett, Oxfam Novib

An initiative for participatory monitoring of large scale acquisitions: Opportunities and results thus far pdf icon
            M. Giger, University of Bern

Civil society responses to large-scale land acquisition: Community and collective rights pdf icon
             E. Mwangi and H. Komarudin, CIFOR

             P. Kiriro, Eastern African Farmers Federation,
             M. Kaufmann, SDC

CHA4: What are the parameters for a fair deal? Evidence at global and local level (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 16:30 – 18:30 pm | MC 13-121

Chair: J. Jallah, Vice Minister of Economy and Planning, Government of Liberia

Is there a way to determine ‘fair’ land values? Methodology and global evidence   
          G. Fischer, IIASA & M. Shah, Qatar National Food Security Agency

Linkages between investors and the local population: Evidence from the oil palm sector in Ghana pdf iconpaper3
          S. Väth & M. Kirk, University of Marburg

Assessing contractual arrangements for land acquisitions in Mali with special attention to water rights pdf iconpaper3
           J. Baumgart, GIZ

            C. Graefen, Country Director, GTZ Namibia 
            C. Morden, IFAD

CHA5: Land tenure in the context of REDD+ and climate change (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 8:00 – 9:30 am | MC 13-121

Chair: M. Bukuru, Chief of Office, United Nations Commission to Combat Desertification

Institutional and land tenure preconditions for REDD+ implementation pdf icon
           W. Sunderlin, Principal Scientist Climate Change, CIFOR

Improved land use planning for economic growth and emission reduction pdf icon
           F. Stolle, Project Manager,WRI

REDD and large scale acquisition of forest rights pdf icon
            A. Karsenty, CIRAD

            J. Hatcher, Rights and Resources Initiative 
            G. Köhlin, Gothenburg University

CHA6: Can funds and financial institutions promote good policy and land-based investment practice? (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
          Wednesday, April 20th | 10:00 – 11:30 am | MC 13-121

Chair: J.W. Fernandez, Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Energy and Business, US Government
CSR at RaboFARM pdf icon
           S. Baecke, CEO, Rabo FARM

The business case and risks of land acquisition in Africa: A farm operators’ perspective 
            S. Payne, Emergent - EmVest

The potential for land Investment strategies 
             J. Minaya, Managing Director Global Private Markets, TIAA-CREF

The role of private capital in agriculture pdf icon
             R. Barbieri, Portfolio Manager, Galtere Ltd.

             B. Schanzenbächer, Managing Partner, EBG Capital

CHA7: Addressing food security and land rights through multi-stakeholder initiatives: Lessons from commodity roundtables and multilateral approaches (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 11:30 am – 13:00 pm | MC 13-121

Chair: C. Toulmin, Director IIED

The Roundtable for Sustainable Biofuel: Existing criteria and future plans pdf icon
           B. Bramble, RSB Secretariat

Land planning in soy expansion areas - The RTRS approach pdf icon
           J. Douglas, President, RTRS

Social sustainability and land rights in the FSC: Experience and potential lessons pdf icon
           C. Brinkema, President, FSC US

Towards a global governance of food security and land issues
            S. Seam, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

           R. de Man, Sustainable Business Development

CHA8: Roundtable: How can outcomes from agricultural & land related investment be improved? VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 14:30 – 16:00 pm | MC 13-121

Moderator: Ambassador E. Cousin, Permanent Representative to the United Nations Agencies in Rome

Panelist Discussants:
            R. Kyte, Vice president CBAVP, IFC

            J. Bromley, Global Witness
            B. Schanzenbächer, Managing Partner, EBG Capital
            Mahendra Shah, Quatar National Food Security Agency & Global 
            Drylands Alliance
            P. Kiriro, Chair, Eastern African Farmers Federation

RES1: Assessing the costs and benefits of land administration interventions
          Tuesday, April 19th | 8:00 – 10:00 am | MC 4-800

Chair: H. Selod, World Bank

An impact evaluation of Rural Land Use Plans in Benin: Methodological and substantive lessons pdf icon
            H. Selod & M. O’Sullivan, World Bank

Lessons learned about land impact evaluations pdf icon
            J. Molyneaux, MCC
Ex ante evaluation of land projects: How to account for broader social benefits? pdf icon
            J. Sanjak, and K. Elbow MCC and B. Linkow USAID

Dealing with land in rural South Africa: New approaches and challenges pdf icon
             M. Swartz, Deputy Director General, Department of Land Affairs,
             Government of South Africa

             T. Fella, Land Tenure and Conflict Specialist, USAID

RES2: Registering community rights: Legal issues, practical experience, and long-term challenges (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 10:30 am – 12:30 pm | MC 4-800

Chair: F. Zenengeya, Permanent Secretary, Government of Malawi

Recognizing community rights in Africa
           R. Knight, Director Community Land Titling, IDLO pdf icon
Integration of customary and modern land tenure systems in Botswana and Namibiapdf icon
          T. Pickardt, Project Manager, GIZ

Creating a policy framework to effectively register villagers’ land rights: Experience from Benin pdf iconpaper3
          J. Kougblenou, MCA Benin & W. Valletta, MCC

Establishing Communal Land Registration in Namibia pdf iconpaper3
          M. Kasita, Deputy Director Land Boards, Government of Namibia

           F. van der Wal, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
           R. Gaynor, MCC

RES3: Dealing with land in conflict and disaster situations (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 14:00 – 16:00 pm | MC 4-800

Chair: C. Biebesheimer, Chief Counsel, World Bank

Protection of Land and Patrimony of Internally Displaced Persons in Colombia: Lessons learned pdf icon
          J.C. Restrepo, Minister of Agriculture, Colombia
          R. Sabogal, Project Director & Ivonne Moreno, Accion Social, Colombia
          Elena Correa, World Bank

The aftermath of advice: How do post-disaster land policies affect land market outcomes? pdf iconpdf icon
          R. Rajack, World Bank and K. Colopinto, Independent Consultant

Clarifying land rights in Eastern DRC post-conflict pdf iconpaper3
          Oumar Sylla, Programme Manager, UN-Habitat

Developing land policy in a post-conflict environment: The case of Southern Sudan pdf icon
           B. Deng, Legal Consultant & S. Lawry, Kennedy School

            C. Plançon, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
            P. Van der Auweraert, IOM

RES4: Addressing the urban challenge: Are there promising examples in Africa? (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocamVideocam
           Tuesday, April 19th | 16:30 – 18:30 pm | MC 4-800

Chair: R. Buckley, Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation

Land policies, land markets and the urban poor: Promising changes and risks in sub-Saharan Africa pdf icon
           A. Durand-Lasserve, Emeritus Research Director, National Centre of
           Scientific Research (CNRS)

Monitoring property markets in African cities: Potential and implications for policy pdf icon
           M. Napier, Programme Director, Urban LandMark, South Africa

Regularizing informal settlements around African cities: Mechanisms and potential impact pdf icon
           W. Valletta MCC & S. Dobrilovic, MCC

Strengthening land use regulations in urban areas: Experiences from the ProMaputo Project pdf icon
            L. Nhaca & M. Vieira, Maputo Municipal Council

            W. Cobbett, Manager, Cities Alliance 
            S. Friczka, Coordinator, UN-Habitat

RES5: Making land administration accessible (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 8:00 – 9:30 am| MC 4-800

Chair: T. C. Hai, President, FIG

What is required to bring the social element into land administration? Moving from LADM to STDM pdf iconpaper3
           C. Augustinus, UN Habitat & C. Lemmen, ITC

Open title: a model for low-cost, customizable land administration technology pdf icon paper3
           N. Edmead, International Land Systems

Are there cost-effective options for decentralized land administration? pdf icon
           A. Teyssier, World Bank

            T. Burns, Managing Director, Land Equity International
            K. Barthel, MCC

RES6: Building sustained capacity at national level: Technology and regulatory issues (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
            Wednesday, April 20th | 10:00 – 11:30 am | MC 4-800

Chair: O. Brandy, Chairman, Presidential Commission on Land, Government of Liberia

Towards a global partnership for capacity building in land administration pdf iconpaper logo
          S. Enemark, Professor, Aalborg University

Putting the elements together: Benefits from NSDI pdf icon
           M. Cygan, ESRI

What is required to promote good land governance in the 21st century pdf icon
           J. Espinoza, Program Manager, TU Munich

IALTA: An integrated approach to capacity building in the land sector paper logo
            L. Verstappen, Professor, IALTA and University of Groningen

RES7: Improving women’s land rights (abstracts) VideocamVideocamVideocam
           Wednesday, April 20th | 11:30 am – 13:00 pm | MC 4-800

Chair: J. Sanjak, MCC

Land titling in urban slums: The demand curve for property rights & the price of female empowerment
          J. Sandefur, Research Fellow, Center for Global Development & Oxford 

Integrating gender issues into Bank land projects: The experience of South Asia pdf icon
          K. Bell, World Bank

Empowering women through legal aid to self-help groups: AP’s experience and lessons for India pdf icon
          T. Hanstad, President and CEO, Landesa

         J. Peterson, Chair, Huairou Commission
         J. Mirembe, Landesa

RES8: Roundtable: Building local capacity in the land sector: Needs and opportunities
          Wednesday, April 20th | 14:30 – 16:00 | MC 4-800

Moderator: G. Ingram, CEO and President, Lincoln Land Institute of Land Policy 

          C. Guedes, Special Secretary for Land Regularization for the Legal
          Amazon, Brazil
          V. Bocharov, Ministry of Economy, Russian Federation
CLOSING PLENARY: VideocamVideocam
          April 20 | 16:30 – 17:30 | Preston Auditorium

Chair and opening remarks:
Anne-Marie Leroy, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel, World Bank pdf icon

Reflections on next steps
J. Kagwanja, Program Officer, Policy and Partnerships, AGRA
B. Schanzenbächer, Managing Partner, EBG Capital
A. Kairaba, International Land Coalition, Africa regional node
K. Deininger, World Bank


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