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Agricultural Growth and Productivity [...continued]

WPS5472Measures of fixed capital in agricultureButzer, Rita; Mundlak, Yair; Larson, Donald F.2010/11
WPS5410Costs of taxation and benefits of public goods with multiple taxes and goodsAnderson, James E.; Martin, Will2010/09
WPS5235Incomplete markets and fertilizer use : evidence from EthiopiaZerfu, Daniel; Larson, Donald F.2010/03
WPS5258Resource management and the effects of trade on vulnerable places and people : lessons from six case studiesLarson, Donald F.; Nash, John2010/03
WPS5158Soil fertility, fertilizer, and the maize green revolution in East AfricaMatsumoto, Tomoya; Yamano, Takashi2009/12
WPS3928The rise and fall of training and visit extension : an Asian mini-drama with an African epilogueAnderson, Jock R.; Feder, Gershon; Ganguly, Sushma2006/05
WPS3916The role of opinion leaders in the diffusion of new knowledge : the case of integrated pest managementFeder, Gershon; Savastano, Sara2006/05
WPS3022Sending farmers back to school - the impact of farmer field schools in IndonesiaFeder, Gershon; Murgai, Rinku; Quizon, Jaime B.2003/04
WPS2995Commodity market reform in Africa : some recent experienceAkiyama, Takamasa; Baffes, John; Larson, Donald F.; Varangis, Panos2003/03
WPS2976Rural extension servicesAnderson, Jock R.; Feder, Gershon2003/02

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