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Agricultural Growth and Productivity [...continued]

WPS2995Commodity market reform in Africa : some recent experienceAkiyama, Takamasa; Baffes, John; Larson, Donald F.; Varangis, Panos2003/03
WPS2976Rural extension servicesAnderson, Jock R.; Feder, Gershon2003/02
WPS2949Intersectoral migration in Southeast Asia - evidence from Indonesia, Thailan, and the PhilippinesButzer, Rita; Mundlak, Yair; Larson, Donald F.2003/01
WPS2812Can financial markets be tapped to help poor people cope with weather risks ?Skees, Jerry; Varangis, Panos; Larson, Donald; Siegel, Paul2002/03
WPS2803Determinants of agricultural growth in Indonesia, the Philippines, and ThailandMundlack, Yair; Larson, Donald F.; Butzer, Rita2002/03
WPS2793Agricultural markets and risks - management of the latter, not the formerVarangis, Panos; Larson, Donald; Anderson, Jack R.2002/02
WPS2787Do farmers choose to be inefficient? evidence from Bicol, PhilippinesLarson, Donald F.; Plessmann, Frank2002/02
WPS2602Sugar policy and reformLarson, Donald F.; Borrell, Brent2001/05
28213Fiscal sustainability of agricultural extension: the case of the farmer field school approachQuizon, Jaime ; Feder, Gershon ; Murgai, Rinku2001/03

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