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Rural Development

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Community Driven Development 
Research themes

  • Poverty targeting effectiveness of public service delivery, and sustainability of community infrastructure, and a community’s capacity for collective action
  • Decentralization and CDD, and the role of community organizations in enhancing the productive capacity of the poor.
  • This early research work fed into the Policy Research Report: Localizing Development: Does Participation Work? (November 2012)
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Studies on land tenure, land markets, and land reform.
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Rural Informal and Micro Finance
Research themes

  • Long-run impact of micro-credit programs
  • Consequences of increasing competition among micro-finance providers on the market for credit and the sustainability of micro-credit
  • Interaction of informal rural financial markets with formal financial intermediaries, including micro-credit providers
  • Impact of new product/design innovations in micro-credit programs using randomized placement and a fully experimental evaluation design.




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