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Cropper, Maureen L., and Elizabeth Kopits. 2008. “Why Have Traffic Fatalities Declined in Industrialized Countries? Implications for Pedestrians and Vehicle Occupants.” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 42(1):129 54.

Cropper, Maureen L., Akie Takeuchi, and Antonio Bento. 2008. “The Welfare Effects of Slum Improvement Programs: The Case of Mumbai.” Journal of Urban Economics 64(1): 65–84.

Deininger, Klaus W., and Songqing Jin. 2008. "Land Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural Vietnam.” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(1): 67–101.

Deininger, Klaus W., and D. Ayalew. 2008. “Do Overlapping Land Rights Constrain Agricultural Investment? Evidence from Uganda.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(4): 869–84.

Deininger, Klaus W., S. Jin, and H. K. Nagarajan. 2008. “Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Rural Land Rental Restrictions: Evidence from India.” European Economic Review 52(5): 892–918.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Yamano. 2008. “Legal Knowledge and Economic Development: The Case of Land Rights in Uganda.” Land Economics 84(4): 593–619.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Alemu. 2008. “Assessing the Functioning of Land Rental Markets in Ethiopia.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 57(1): 67–101.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, S. Holden, and J. Zevenbergen. 2008. “Rural Land Certification in Ethiopia: Process, Initial Impact, and Implications for Other African Countries.” World Development 36(10): 1786–1812.

Fafchamps, Marcel, and Forhad J. Shilpi. 2008. "Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative Consumption." Journal of Development Economics 86(1,April): 43–60.

González U., Roberto Velasco, and H. Jorge. 2008. "Evaluation of the Impact of Climatic Change on the Economic Value of Land in Agricultural Systems in Chile." Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 68(1): 56–68.

Jacoby, Hanan, and Ghazala Mansuri. 2008. "Land Tenancy and Non-Contractible Investment in Rural Pakistan." Review of Economic Studies 75(3): 763–88.

Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob, George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, Monayem Miah, and Gershon Feder. 2008. "Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Integrated Pest Management Extension Methods: An Example from Bangladesh.” Review of Agricultural Economics 30(2): 252–69.

Shilpi, Forhad J. 2008. "Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative Consumption." Journal of Development Economics 86(1): 43–60.

Shilpi, Forhad J. , and Dina Umali-Deininger. 2008. “Market Facilities and Agricultural Marketing: Evidence from Tamil Nadu, India.” Agricultural Economics 39(3): 281–94.


Dinar, Ariel, Rashid Hassan, Robert Mendelsohn, and James Benhin. eds. 2008. Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies. London: Earthscan.

Chapters in Books

Cropper, Maureen L. 2008. “Global Environmental Sustainability—Protecting the Commons.” In Global Monitoring Report 2008. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Cropper, Maureen L. 2008. “A Cross-Country Comparison of Decentralization and Environmental Protection: Commentary.” In Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies, ed. G. Ingram and Y. Hong. Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Development.



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Chomitz, Kenneth M., and Andrew Nelson Philip. 2007. “The Forest-Hydrology-Watershed Nexus in Central America: An Heuristic Analysis.” Environment Development and Sustainability 9(4): 369-85.

Chomitz, Kenneth M., Ellen M. Douglas, Kate Sebastian, Charles J. Vorosmarty, Stanley Wood, and Thomas P. Tomich. 2007. “Policy Implications of a Pan-tropic Assessment of the Simultaneous Hydrological and Biodiversity Impacts of Deforestation.” Water Resources Management 21(1): 211-22.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, and David R. Wheeler. 2007. “Is Evironmentally Friendly Agriculture less Profitable for Farmers? Evidence on Integrated Pest Management in Bangladesh.” Review of Agricultural Economics 29(1): 103-18.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, David R. Wheeler, Khuc Xuyen, and Nan Thi Lam. 2007. “Pesticide Poisoning of Farm Workers: Implications of Blood Test Results from Vietnam.” International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 210(2): 121-32.

Deininger, Klaus, and Songqing Jin. 2008. “Land Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural Vietnam.” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(1): 67-101.

Deininger, Klaus, Songqing Jin, and Mona Sur. 2007. “Sri Lanka’s Rural Non-farm Economy: Removing Constraints to Pro-Poor Growth.” World Development 35(12): 2056-78.

Deininger, Klaus, Songqing Jin, and Xinhua Yu. 2007. “Risk Coping and Starvation in Rural China.” Applied Economics 39(11): 1341-52.

Dinar, Ariel, Karin Kemper, William Blomquist, and Pradeep Kurukulasuriya. 2007. “Whitewater: Process and Performance of Decentralization Reform of River Basin Water Resource Management.” Journal of Policy Modeling 29(6): 851-67.

Dinar, Ariel, Giannis Karagiannis, and Vangelis Tzouvelekas. 2007. “Evaluating the Impact of Agricultural Extension on Farms Performance in Crete: A Non-Neutral Stochastic Frontier Approach.” Agricultural Economics 36(2): 135–46.

Jacoby, Hanan, and Bart Minten. 2007. “Is Land Titling in Sub-Saharan Africa Cost-Effective? Evidence from Madagascar.” World Bank Economic Review 21(3): 461-85.

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Mendelsohn, Robert, Alan Basist, Ariel Dinar, Pradeep Kurukulasuriya, and Claude Williams. 2007. “What Explains Agricultural Performance: Climate Normals or Climate Variance?” Climatic Change 81(1): 85-99.

Mendelsohn, Robert, Alan Basist, Pradeep Kurkulasuriya, and Ariel Dinar. 2007. “Climate and Rural Income.” Climatic Change 81(1): 101-18.

Rattanaviwatpong, Porranee, Jeffery E. Richey, David Savage, Sarah D. Rodda, Bruce Campbell, and Miles G. Logsdon. 2007. “Effects of Land Use Change on the Hydrologic Regime of the Mae Chaem River Basin, NW Thailand.” Journal of Hydrology 334(1-2): 215-30.

Shilpi, Forhad J., M. Shahe Emran, and M. Iman Alam. 2007. “Economic Liberalization and Price Response of Aggregate Private Investment: Time Series Evidence from India.” Canadian Journal of Economics 40(3): 914-34.



Chakravorty, Sanjoy, and Somik V. Lall. 2007. Made in India: The Economic Geography and Political Economy of Industrialization. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

Dinar, Ariel, Shlomi Dinar, Stephen McCaffrey, and Daene McKinney. 2007. Bridges over Water: Understanding Transboundary Water Conflicts, Negotiation and Cooperation. Singapore: World Scientific Publishers.

Chapters in Books

Maria Saleth, R., Ariel Dinar, and Susanne Neubert. 2007. “Evaluating the Institution-Impact Interactions in the Context of Millennium Development Goals: Analytical Framework with Empirical Results. In Coping With Water Deficiency: From Research to Policy Making, ed. Phoebe Koundouri. Berlin: Springer.

Anderson, Jock R., and Gershon Feder. 2007. “Agricultural Extension.” In Handbook of Agricultural Economics. Chapter 44, Volume 3: Agricultural Development Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets, ed. R.E. Evenson and P. Pingali. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Mansuri, Ghazala. 2007. “Does Work Migration Spur Investment in Origin Communities? Entrepreneurship, Schooling and Child Health in Rural Pakistan.” In International Migration, Economic Development & Policy, ed. Caglar Özden and Maurice Schiff. Washington, DC: World Bank and Palgrave McMillan.

Shalizi, Zmarak. 2007. “Energy and Emissions: Local and Global Effects of the Giants’ Rise.” In Dancing with Giants: China, India, and the Global Economy, ed. L. Alan Winters and Shahid Yusuf. Washington, DC: World Bank; Singapore: The Institute of Policy Studies.

Wu, Changhua, and Hua Wang. 2007. “China: Seeking Meaningful Decentralization to Achieve Sustainability.” In Environmental Governance and Decentralization: Country Studies, ed. Albert Breton, Giorgio Brosio, Silvana Dalmazzone and Giovanna Garrone. Cheltenham: Elgar.


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