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Economics and Institutions of Water (Completed) [...continued]

WPS3636Comparison of institutional arrangements for river basin management in eight basinsBlomquist, William; Dinar, Ariel; Kemper, Karin2005/06
WPS3637Decentralization of river basin management : a global analysisDinar, Ariel; Kemper, Karin; Blomquist, William; Diez, Michele; Sine, Gisele; Fru, William2005/06
WPS3550Feedback links between economy-wide and farm-level policies : application to irrigation water management in MoroccoRoe, Terry; Dinar, Ariel; Tsur, Yacov; Xinshen Diao2005/03
WPS3527Institutional and policy analysis of river basin management: the Murray Darling River Basin, AustrialiaBlomquist, William; Haisman, Brian; Dinar, Ariel; Bhat, Anjali2005/02
WPS3528Institutional and policy analysis of river basin management: the Warta River Basin, PolandBlomquist, William; Tonderski, Andrzej; Dinar, Ariel2005/02
WPS2628Monopoly power and distribution in fragmented markets : the case of groundwaterJacoby, Hanan G.; Murgai, Rinku; Rehman, Saeed Ur2001/06
WPS2425Are returns to investment lower for the poor? Human and physical capital interactions in rural Viet Namvan de Walle, Dominique2000/08
WTP447Evaluating water institutions and water sector performanceSaleth, R. Maria; Dinar, Ariel1999/08
WPS2045Water challenge and institutional response (a cross-country perspective)Saleth, R. Maria; Dinar, Ariel1999/01
WPS2028Access to markets and the benefits of rural roadsJacoby, Hanan G.1998/12

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