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Agriculture and Rural Development

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The research program on agricultural and rural development focuses on three broad themes: (1) effective ways to raise productivity (2) supplying public goods and dealing with external effects, and (3) ways to address poverty, volatility and vulnerability.  About the program » 


Working Papers

Blue Water and the Consequences of Alternative Food Security Policies In The Middle East and North Africa for Water Security
This paper builds on previous modeling results comparing the cost and benefits of policies to protect consumers against surging international wheat prices, and expands the analysis to consider the consequences of the policies for water resources.
Working Paper 6464, May 2013

Political Economy of Public Policies: Insights from Distortions to Agricultural and Food Markets
This paper reviews and synthesizes the literature on trends and fluctuations in market distortions and the political-economy explanations that have been advanced.
Working Paper 6433, May 2013

Foreign Wage Premium, Gender and Education: Insights from Vietnam Household Surveys
This paper investigates the differential impacts of foreign ownership on wages for different types of workers (in terms of educational background and gender) in Vietnam using the Vietnam Household Living Standards Surveys of 2002 and 2004.
Working Paper 6421, April 2013

Foreign Job Opportunities and Internal Migration in Vietnam
This paper investigates the role of employment opportunities created by foreign-owned firms as a determinant of internal migration and destination choice using the Vietnam Migration Survey 2004 and the Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey 2004.
Working Paper 6420, April 2013

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