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Entrepreneurship: Related Research

The 2010 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Snapshots (WBGES) continue to illustrate the importance of entrepreneurship for the dynamism of the modern economy.  This joint effort by the World Bank Development Research Group, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Kauffman Foundation is the most comprehensive dataset on cross-country firm entry data available today. 

Related Research

A tale of two species : revisiting the effect of registration reform on informal business owners in Mexico
Miram Bruhn
Policy Research Working Paper 5971, February 2012.

"The Impact of Business Environment Reforms on New Firm Registration"
Leora Klapper and Inessa Love*
December, 2011.

"The Impact of the Business Environment on Young Firm Financing"
Larry W. Chavis, Leora F. Klapper, and Inessa Love
June 2009.

"Entry Regulartion as a Barrier to Entrepreneurship " (pdf file, 249kb)
L. Klapper, L. Laeven, R. Rajan. 
Journal of Financial Economics 82:3, 2006.

"Entrepreneurship and firm formation across countries" (pdf file, 244kb)
L. Klapper, R. Amit, M.Guillen, J. Quesada in International Differences in Entrepreneurship, J. Lerner and A. Schoar (eds.) National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge. (Forthcoming).

"License to sell: the effect of business registration reform on entrepreneurial activity in Mexico." M. Bruhn, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4538, February 2008.

"Experimental Evidence on Returns to Capital and Access to Finance in Mexico", D. McKenzie and C. Woodruff, World Bank Economic Review, 22:3, 457-482, 2008.

"Returns to capital: Results from a randomized experiment", S. de Mel, D. McKenzie, and C. Woodruff, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4230, 2007.  Also published in Quarterly Journal of Economics, 123(4): 1329-72, 2008.

"Who are the Microenterprise Owners?: Evidence from Sri Lanka on Tokman v. de Soto", S. de Mel, D. McKenzie, and C. Woodruff, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4635, 2008.

"What does 'Entrepreneurship' Data Really Show?"  Z. Acs, S. Desai, L. Klapper.  World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4667, 2008.  Also published in Small Business Economics 32(3) 2008.

"The Regulation of Entry"  S. Djankov et al., World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 2662, 2001.  Also published in Quarterly Journal of Economics 117(1): pp. 1-37, February 2002

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