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Finance and Private Sector Development Impact Evaluations [...continued]

WPS5642Stimulating managerial capital in emerging markets : the impact of business and financial literacy for young entrepreneursBruhn, Miriam; Zia, Bilal2011/04
WPS5573Does management matter ? evidence from IndiaBloom, Nicholas; Eifert, Benn; Mahajan, Aprajit; McKenzie, David; Roberts, John2011/02
WPS5438Identification strategy : a field experiment on dynamic incentives in rural credit marketsGine, Xavier; Goldberg, Jessica; Yang, Dean2010/10
WPS5395Experimental approaches in migration studiesMcKenzie, David; Yang, Dean2010/08
WPS5269Enterprise recovery following natural disastersde Mel, Suresh; McKenzie, David; Woodruff, Christopher2010/04
WPS4985Put your money where your butt is : a commitment contract for smoking cessationGine, Xavier; Karlan, Dean; Zinman, Jonathan2009/07
WPS4981The economic impact of banking the unbanked : evidence from MexicoBruhn, Miriam; Love, Inessa2009/06
WPS4944Impact assessments in finance and private sector development : what have we learned and what should we learn ?McKenzie, David2009/05
WPS4752In pursuit of balance : randomization in practice in development field experimentsBruhn, Miriam; McKenzie, David2008/10
WPS4538License to sell : the effect of business registration reform on entrepreneurial activity in MexicoBruhn, Miriam2008/02

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