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Remittances and Migration [...continued]

WPS5668Eight questions about brain drainGibson, John; McKenzie, David2011/05
WPS5488The development impact of a best practice seasonal worker policyGibson, John; McKenzie, David2010/11
WPS5395Experimental approaches in migration studiesMcKenzie, David; Yang, Dean2010/08
WPS5394The economic consequences of "brain drain" of the best and brightest: microeconomic evidence from five countriesGibson, John ; McKenzie, David 2010/08
WPS5268Accounting for selectivity and duration-dependent heterogeneity when estimating the impact of emigration on incomes and poverty in sending areasGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Stillman, Steven2010/04
WPS5260The remitting patterns of African migrants in the OECDBollard, Albert; McKenzie, David; Morten, Melanie2010/04
WPS5113Remittances and the brain drain revisited : the microdata show that more educated migrants remit moreBollard, Albert; McKenzie, David; Morten, Melanie; Rapoport, Hillel2009/11
WPS5072What explains the cost of remittances ? an examination across 119 country corridorsBeck, Thorsten; Martinez Peria, Maria Soledad2009/10
WPS4983Remittances and banking sector breadth and depth : evidence from MexicoDemirguc-Kunt, Asli; Lopez Cordova, Ernesto; Martinez Peria, Maria Soledad; Woodruff, Christopher2009/06
WPS4956The impacts of international migration on remaining household members : omnibus results from a migration lottery programGibson, John; McKenzie, David; Stillman, Steven2009/06

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