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Taxation of Domestic Financial Intermediation

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Monday, April 8


Introductory Remarks
Nicholas Stern
“Overview of project – varieties of financial taxation in developing countries”
Patrick Honohan

Download icon, type 3Taxation of banks: A theoretical framework  Ramon Caminal

Two Case Studies:  Brazil, Russia   Eliana Cardoso; Brigitte Granville
Download icon, type 3Brazil case study
  |  Download icon, type 3Russia case study

Discussants: Roger Gordon, Liam P. Ebrill  


Download icon, type 3Tax treatment of loan-loss reserves   Emil Sunley

Download icon, type 3Tax incentives for saving and borrowing    Tullio Jappelli and Luigi Pistaferri

Discussants:  Stijn Claessens, Alberto Musalem,  

Download icon, type 3Bank debit taxes: Productivity vs. financial disintermediation   Andrei Kirilenko and Victoria Summers

Download icon, type 3Value-added tax  Satya Poddar  

Discussants:   Gerard Caprio, Kyung Gyun Lee 

Tuesday, April 9  


Download icon, type 3Aspects of the optimal taxation of financial activities   Robin Boadway and Michael Keen

Download icon, type 3Securities transactions taxes and financial markets    Karl Habermeier and Andrei Kirilenko

Discussants: Alan Auerbach, Ricardo Bebczuk

Download icon, type 3Corrective taxes and quasi-taxes for financial institutions  Philip L. Brock

Download icon, type 3The accidental tax: Inflation and financial sector   Patrick Honohan

Discussants: Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel,   Harry Huizinga  

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