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Finance and Private Sector Seminar Series - sponsored by: World Bank Development Research Group - Finance
Organizer: Claudia Ruiz Ortega (202-473-8798)

The World Bank Finance and Private Sector Seminar Series is an event where leading academic scholars in the finance field are invited to present their recent work. Seminars are held on alternate Tuesdays, 12:30 – 2:00 pm. For details (e.g. venue), email or call Paulina Sintim-Aboagye 202-473-7644.





January 8, 2013Optimal (Partial) Group Liability in Microfinance LendingFinance Brown BagTreb Allen (Northwestern University)
December 4, 2012Understanding Bank Runs: Do Depositors Monitor Banks? with Manju Puri and Nicholas RyanFinance Brown Bag SeminarRajkamal Iyer (MIT)
November 13, 2012Labor Supply of Politicians with Raymond Fisman, Nikolaj A. Harmon and Inger MunkFinance Brown Bag SeminarEmir Kamenica (University of Chicago)
November 6, 2012Bank Ownership, Lending, and Local Economic Performance During the 2008 Financial Crisis with Leo FelerFinance Brown Bag SeminarNicholas S. Coleman (Brown University)
October 9, 2012Liquidity, Risk, and Occupational Choices with Milo BianchiyFinance Brown Bag SeminarMatteo Alessandro Bobba (Inter-American Development Bank)
September 25, 2012Policy Intervention in Debt Renegotiation: Evidence from the Home Affordable Modification Program with Gene Amromin, Itzhak Ben-David, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Tomesz Piskorski and Amit SeruFinance Brown Bag SeminarSumit Agarwal (National University of Singapore and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
September 11, 2012The Subprime Virus  with Sumit Agarwal, and Brent W. AmbroseFinance Brown Bag SeminarYildiray Yildirim (Syracuse University)
May 22, 2012Hoping to Win, Expected to Lose: Theory and Lessons on Micro Enterprise Development  with Dean Karlan and Ryan KnightFinance Brown Bag SeminarChristopher Udry (Yale University)
May 1, 2012How Do Regulators Influence Mortgage Risk? Evidence from an Emerging Market with John Y. CampbellFinance Brown Bag SeminarTarun Ramadorai (University of Oxford)
April 17, 2012 Financial Market Dislocations Finance Brown Bag SeminarPaola Pasquariello (University of Michigan)
April 13, 2012Microfinance at the Margin: Experimental Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina with Britta Augsburg, Heike Harmgart, and Costas MeghirFinance Brown Bag SeminarRalph De Haas (EBRD)
April 3, 2012Are Banks Passive Liquidity Backstops? Deposit Rates and Flows during the 2007-2009 Crisis, with Nada Mora Finance Brown Bag SeminarViral V. Acharya, (New York University)
March 20, 2012Loan Officer Incentives and the Limits of Hard Information with Tobias Berg,and Jörg RochollFinance Brown Bag SeminarManju Puri (Duke University)
February 28, 2012The Real Effects of Political Uncertainty: Elections and Investment Sensitivity to Stock Prices Finance Brown Bag SeminarArt Durnev (University of Iowa)
February 14, 2012The Impact of Business Environment Reforms on New Firm Registration, with Leora KlapperFinance Brown Bag SeminarInessa Love (World Bank)
January 12, 2012Sex and Credit: Is There a Gender Bias in Lending? with Patrick Behr, and Andreas Madestam  Finance Brown Bag SeminarThorsten Beck (Tilburg University) 
November 29, 2011Can Employment Programs Reduce Poverty and Social Instability? Experimental Evidence from a Ugandan Aid Program with Nathan Fiala and Sebastian MartinezFinance Brown Bag SeminarChristopher Blattman (Yale University)
November 8, 2011Savings and External Imbalances in ChinaFinance Brown Bag SeminarDennis Tao Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
September 27, 2011Family Control and Expropriation of Not-for-Profit Organizations: Evidence from Korean Private Universities Finance Brown Bag SeminarKee-Hong Bae (York University)
September 20, 2011The U.S. Left Behind? Financial Globalization and the Rise of IPO Activity Around the World with Craig Doidge and Rene M. StulzFinance Brown Bag SeminarG. Andrew Karolyi (Cornell University)
 May 24, 2011Intrahousehold Preference Heterogeneity, Commitment, and Strategic Savings: Theory and Evidence from KenyaFinance Brown Bag Seminar Simone G. Schaner (MIT)
May 10, 2011The Value of Relationships: Evidence from a Supply Shock to Kenyan Flower Exports with Ameet MorjariaFinance Brown Bag SeminarRocco Macchiavello (Warwick University)
May 3, 2011 Capitalizing on Weak Institutions: How Local Resources Influence Private Equity Performance in Emerging Economies Financial Brown Bag Seminar Markus Taussig (Harvard Business School)
April 26, 2011Term Structure of Debt and Entrepreneurship: Experimental Evidence from Microfinance with Erica Field, John Papp, and Natalia RigoFinance Brown Bag SeminarRohini Pande (Harvard University)
April 12, 2011The Risk Sharing Benefits of Mobile Money with William JackFinance Brown Bag SeminarTavneet Suri (MIT Sloan)
March 29, 2011Investment Choice and Inflation Uncertainty Finance Brown Bag SeminarGreg Fischer (London School of Economics)
March 15, 2011Does International Child Sponsorship Work? A Six-Country Study of Impacts on Adult Life Outcomes with Paul Glewwe and Laine RutledgeFinance Brown Bag SeminarBruce Wydick (University San Francisco)
March 8, 2011Why Don’t the Poor Save More? Evidence from Health Savings Experiments in Kenya with Pascaline Dupas Finance Brown Bag SeminarJonathan Robinson(University of California San Diego)
March 1, 2011From Pawn Shops to Bank: The Impact of Formal Credit on Informal Households  Finance Brown Bag SeminarClaudia Ruiz (University of California, Los Angeles)
February 22, 2011Capital Flows, Institutions, and Financial Fragiility with Wipawin PromboonFinance Brown Bag SeminarGregory W. Brown (University of North Carolina)
February 16, 2011Is there a Distress Risk Anomaly? Corporate Bond Spread as a Proxy for Default Risk with Deniz AnginerFinance Brown Bag SeminarÇelim Yıldızhan (University of Michigan)
February 8, 2011Bank Structure and Entrepreneurial Finance: Experimental Evidence from Small Enterprise Loans in India Finance Brown Bag SeminarMartin Kanz (Harvard University)

Finance Brown Bag SeminarFinance Brown Bag Seminar

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