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Access to Financial Services (2007)


Bank Regulation and Supervision Database (2012)
This database includes the first comprehensive, cross-country survey of how banks are regulated and supervised, including requirements and regulatory powers regarding bank entry, ownership, capital, powers and activities, auditing, organization, liquidity, provisioning, accounting and disclosure, incentives for supervisors, deposit insurance, and disciplining powers including bank exit. Data are available for selected years.


Bank Concentration and Crisis (2003)


Episodes of Systemic and Borderline Financial Crises (2003)


Deposit Insurance Around the World (2013)

Entrepreneurship Database (2012)


Financial Development and Structure (2012)


Financial Development and Dynamic Investment Behavior - Panel VAR (vector autoregression) (2002)


Global Financial Development Database (2015)


Global Findex Database (2014)
How people in 148 economies--including the poor, women, and rural residents--save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk.


Indicators of access to and use of banking services across countries (2007)
Contains new indicators of access to and use of banking services across 99 countries, constructed from aggregate data provided by bank regulators.


Public Credit Registries Survey Dataset (2000)


Small and Medium Enterprises: Overcoming Growth Constraints (2003)
Presents indicators of the size of the SME sector across 76 countries.


Sri Lankan Microenterprise Survey (June 2012)


Survey of Financial Knowledge of Pacific People in New Zealand (June 2012)

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