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Bank Privatization

Recent evidence indicates that greater state ownership of banks tends to be associated with lower bank efficiency, less saving and borrowing, lower productivity, and slower growth. At the same time, hasty privatization of banks in unsound regulatory and supervisory environments can result in systemic crisis. The World Bank, therefore, is often called upon to give advice on how to design successful bank privatizations to ensure strong post-privatization performance and improve sector stability.

This project draws on cross-country empirical analyses and detailed country case studies of Argentina, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Hungary, Mexico, Nigeria, and Poland to determine when it is most fruitful to pursue bank privatization, how alternative transaction designs affect outcomes, and how to avoid common obstacles. These studies pay particular attention to the political environment surrounding past efforts in this area since political and economic constraints appear to dictate the timing and design of bank privatizations, and timing and design, in turn, affect post-privatization performance. Current outputs are listed below.


Policy Research Working Papers

For more policy research working papers from the World Bank's institutional archives, search here using author’s last name, title or working paper number (“wpsxxxx”).

WPS4804Pursuing efficiency while maintaining outreach : bank privatization in TanzaniaCull, Robert; Spreng, Connor P.2008/12
WPS4407Bank privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa : the case of Uganda commercial bankClarke, George R.G.; Cull, Robert; Fuchs, Michael2007/11
WPS3632Corporate governance and bank performance : a joint analysis of the static, selection, and dynamic effects of domestic, foreign, and state ownershipBerger, Allen N.; Clarke, George R. G.; Cull, Robert; Klapper, Leora; Udell, Gregory F.2005/06
WPS3619State bank transformation in Brazil - choices and consequencesBeck, Thorsten; Crivelli, Juan Miguel; Summerhill, William2005/06
WPS3511Bank privatization and performance - emprical evidence from NigeriaBeck, Thorsten; Cull, Robert; Jerome, Afeikhena2005/02
WPS2633Bank privatization in Argentina : a model of political constraints and differential outcomesClarke, George R. G.; Cull, Robert2001/07
WPS2325Banking systems around the globe : do regulation and ownership affect the performance and stability?Barth, James R.; Caprio, Gerard; Levine, Ross2000/04
WPS2159Provincial bank privatization in Argentina : the why, how, and "so what"?Clarke, George R. G.; Cull, Robert1999/08
WPS1972Why privatize? : the case of Argentina's public provincial banksClarke, George R.; Cull, Robert1998/09
WPS1962The political economy of privatization : an empirical analysis of bank privatization in ArgentinaClarke, George R.G.; Cull, Robert1998/08

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