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Bank Privatization [...continued]

WPS2633Bank privatization in Argentina : a model of political constraints and differential outcomesClarke, George R. G.; Cull, Robert2001/07
WPS2325Banking systems around the globe : do regulation and ownership affect the performance and stability?Barth, James R.; Caprio, Gerard; Levine, Ross2000/04
WPS2159Provincial bank privatization in Argentina : the why, how, and "so what"?Clarke, George R. G.; Cull, Robert1999/08
WPS1972Why privatize? : the case of Argentina's public provincial banksClarke, George R.; Cull, Robert1998/09
WPS1962The political economy of privatization : an empirical analysis of bank privatization in ArgentinaClarke, George R.G.; Cull, Robert1998/08

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