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Financial Crises [...continued]

WPS4807Are all the sacred cows dead ? implications of the financial crisis for macro and financial policiesDemirguc-Kunt, Asli; Serven, Luis2009/01
WPS4756The 2007 meltdown in structured securitization : searching for lessons, not scapegoatsCaprio, Gerard, Jr.; Demirguc-Kunt, Asli; Kane, Edward J.2008/11
WPS3716Trade credit and bank credit : evidence from recent financial crisesLove, Inessa; Preve, Lorenzo A.; Sarria-Allende, Virginia2005/09
WPS3659Banking sector crises and inequalityHonohan, Patrick2005/07
WDP428Managing the real and fiscal effects of banking crisesKlingbiel, Daniela*Laeven, Luc [editors]*Claesen2002/01
WPS2571Stock market responses to bank restructuring policies during the East Asian crisisKlingebiel, Daniela; Kroszner, Randy; Laeven, Luc; van Oijen, Pieter2001/03
WPS2441Controlling the fiscal costs of banking crisesHonohan, Patrick; Klingebiel, Daniela2000/09
WPS2284The use of asset management companies in the resolution of banking crises - cross-country experienceKlingebiel, Daniela2000/02
19931How to accelerate corporate and financial sector restructuring in East AsiaClaessens, Stijn; Djankov, Simeon; Klingebiel, Daniela1999/11
WPS2188Financial liberalization and the capital account : Thailand, 1988-97Alba, Pedro; Hernandez, Leonardo; Klingebiel, Daniela1999/09

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