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Access to Finance [...continued]

WPS5798Unpacking the causal chain of financial literacyCarpena, Fenella; Cole, Shawn; Shapiro, Jeremy; Zia, Bilal2011/09
WPS5748Commitments to save : a field experiment in rural MalawiBrune, Lasse; Gine, Xavier; Goldberg, Jessica; Yang, Dean2011/08
WPS5726Trade credit contractsKlapper, Leora; Laeven, Luc; Rajan, Raghuram2011/07
WPS5642Stimulating managerial capital in emerging markets : the impact of business and financial literacy for young entrepreneursBruhn, Miriam; Zia, Bilal2011/04
WPS5427Liability structure in small-scale finance : evidence from a natural experimenCarpena, Fenella; Cole, Shawn; Shapiro, Jeremy; Zia, Bilal2010/09
WPS5416Microeconomic consequences and macroeconomic causes of foreign direct investment in southern African economiesLederman, Daniel; Mengistae, Taye; Xu, Lixin Colin2010/09
WPS5322The impact of the business environment on young firm financingChavis, Larry W.; Klapper, Leora F.; Love, Inessa2010/05
WPS5014Credit constraints and investment behavior in Mexico's rural economyLove, Inessa; Sanchez, Susana M. 2009/08
WPS4981The economic impact of banking the unbanked : evidence from MexicoBruhn, Miriam; Love, Inessa2009/06
WPS4771The typology of partial credit guarantee funds around the worldBeck, Thorsten; Klapper, Leora F.; Mendoza, Juan Carlos 2008/11

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