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FPD Impact Evaluations
Evaluation of development projects is key to understanding and quantifying impact and also for learning and improving project content and delivery for future implementation. 

Impact Evaluations Notes
Impact evaluation policy notes provide 2-page summaries of efforts to evaluate the impacts of finance and private sector policies. Do you have a project you want evaluated? DECRG-FP researchers are looking for opportunities to work with colleagues in the Bank and IFC. If you would like to ask our experts for advice or to collaborate on an evaluation.
Contact: David McKenzie (

Household Financial Access 
Summarizes the on-going research on developing household survey questionaires to measure access to finnancial services and evaluating the impact of such access. 

 Remittances and Migration 

Entrepreneurship is a critical part of the process of economic development and growth and important for the continued dynamism of the modern economy.   

Financial Institutions and Regulation  

Access to Finance 

 Bankruptcy and Resolution of Financial Distress

 Financial Crises

 Completed Research


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