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Finance and Private Sector Research

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A well-functioning financial system and a vigorous private sector are important drivers of growth and poverty reduction. Finance is central to private sector development and vice versa, and large parts of both sub-disciplines revolve around the behavior and performance of firms. Please see Finance and Private Sector Development for some of the policy messages that came out of our recent research and future directions. More »


Working Papers

Bank Capital and Systemic Stability
Deniz Anginerand Asli Demirguc-Kunt
Working Paper 6948, June 2014

Deposit Insurance Database
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Edward Kane, and Luc Laeven
Working Paper 6934, June 2014

Financial (Dis-)Information: Evidence from an Audit Study in Mexico
Xavier Giné, Cristina Martínez Cuellar, and Rafael Keenan Mazer
Working Paper 6902, June 2014

The Effect of Aid on Growth: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
Sebastian Galiani, Stephen Knack, Lixin Colin Xu, and Ben Zou
Working Paper 6865, May 2014

Why Don’t Remittances Appear to Affect Growth?
Michael A. Clemens and David McKenzie
Working Paper 6856, May 2014

Do Poverty Traps Exist?
Aart Kraay and David McKenzie
Working Paper 6835, April 2014

The Impact of Vocational Training for the Unemployed: Experimental Evidence from Turkey
Sarojini Hirshleifer, David McKenzie, Rita Almeida, Cristobal Ridao-Cano
Working Paper 6807, March 2014

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