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Pesticide use in developing countries

WPS3776Health effects and pesticide perception as determinants of pesticide use : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Huq, Mainul 2005/11
WPS3777Pesticide traders' perception of health risks : evidence from BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Mamingi, Nlandu 2005/11
WPS3624Pesticide poisoning of farm workers : implications of blood test results from VietnamDasgupta, Susmita; Meisner, Craig; Wheeler, David; Nhan Thi Lam; Khuc Xuyen2005/06

Climate Change

WPS6815Implementation of REDD+ mechanisms in TanzaniaSalas, Paula Cordero2014/03
WPS6817River salinity and climate change : evidence from coastal BangladeshDasgupta, Susmita; Kamal, Farhana Akhter; Khan, Zahirul Huque; Choudhury, Sharifuzzaman; Nishat, Ainun2014/03
WPS6679Dynamic climate policy with both strategic and non-strategic agents : taxes versus quantitiesKarp, Larry ; Siddiqui, Sauleh; Strand, Jon2013/10
WPS6516Climate change in the Himalayas : current state of knowledgeGautam, Mahesh R.; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Acharya, Kumud2013/06
WPS6521Cooperation and reciprocity in carbon sequestration contractsCordero Salas, Paula2013/06
WPS6492Technological learning, energy efficiency, and CO2 emissions in China's energy intensive industriesRock, Michael T.; Toman, Michael; Cui, Yuanshang; Jiang, Kejun; Song, Yun; Wang, Yanjia2013/06
WPS6440A "greenprint" for international cooperation on climate changeMattoo, Aaditya; Subramanian, Arvind2013/05
WPS6281Emissions trading with offset markets and free quota allocationsRosendahl, Knut Einar; Strand, Jon2012/11
WPS6277Sea-level rise and coastal wetlands : impacts and costsBlankespoor, Brian; Dasgupta, Susmita; Laplante, Benoit2012/11
WPS6233Ecosystem services and green growthVincent, Jeffrey R.2012/10

Urban and Regional Development

WPS6506A global urban risk indexBrecht, Henrike; Deichmann, Uwe; Wang, Hyoung Gun2013/06
WPS6481Is urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa different ?Henderson, J. Vernon; Roberts, Mark; Storeygard, Adam2013/06
WPS5516Infrastructure investments under uncertainty with the possibility of retrofit : theory and simulationsStrand, Jon; Miller, Sebastian; Siddiqui, Sauleh2011/01
WPS5479On the road to prosperity ? The economic geography of China's national expressway networkRoberts, Mark; Deichmann, Uwe; Fingleton, Bernard; Shi, Tuo2010/11
WPS5209The impact of roads on poverty reduction : a case study of CameroonGachassin, Marie; Najman, Boris; Raballand, Gael2010/02
WPS5161Density and disasters: economics of urban hazard risk Lall, Somik V.; Deichmann, Uwe2009/12
WPS5153International growth spillovers, geography and infrastructureRoberts, Mark; Deichmann, Uwe2009/12
WPS5126Regionalizing telecommunications reform in West AfricaKessides, Ioannis N.; Noll, Roger G.; Benjamin, Nancy C.2009/11
WPS4611Spatial specialization and farm-nonfarm linkagesDeichmann, Uwe; Shilpi, Forhad; Vakis, Renos2008/04
WPS4516Determinants of a digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa : a spatial econometric analysis of cell phone coverageBuys, Piet; Dasgupta, Susmita; Thomas, Tim; Wheeler, David2008/02


WPS6443Water hauling and girls' school attendance : some new evidence from GhanaNauges, Celine; Strand, Jon2013/05
WPS6068Economy-wide implications of direct and indirect policy interventions in the water sector: lessons from recent work and future research needsDinar, Ariel2012/05
WPS5996Assessing economic and political impacts of Hydrological variability on treaties : case studies on the Zambezi and Mekong basinsBlankespoor, Brian; Basist, Alan; Dinar, Ariel; Dinar, Shlomi2012/03
WPS5766Valuing water quality improvement in China : a case study of lake Puzhehei in Yunnan provinceWang, Hua; Shi, Yuyan; Kim, Yoonhee; Kamata, Takuya2011/08
WPS5723Low-level versus high-level equilibrium in public utility serviceStrand, Jon2011/06
WPS5725Nature, socioeconomics and adaptation to natural disasters: new evidence from floodsFerreira, Susana; Hamilton, Kirk; Vincent, Jeffrey R.2011/06
WPS4498Quantifying institutional impacts and development synergies in water resource programs : a methodology with application to the Kala Oya basin, Sri LankaSaleth, R. Maria; Dinar, Ariel2008/01
WPS4288Actual crop water use in project countries : a synthesis at the regional levelWahaj, Robina; Maraux, Florent; Munoz, Giovanni2007/07
WPS4290The impacts of climate change on regional water resources and agriculture in AfricaStrzepek, Kenneth; McCluskey, Alyssa2007/07
WPS4161Changing farm types and irrigation as an adaptation to climate change in Latin American agricultureMendelsohn, Robert; Seo, Niggol2007/03


WPS6720Clean-development investments : an incentive-compatible CGE modeling frameworkBohringer, Christoph; Rutherford, Thomas F.; Springmannc, Marco2013/12
WPS6565Transaction costs of low-carbon technologies and policies : the diverging literatureMundaca, Luis; Mansoz, Mathilde; Neij, Lena; Timilsina, Govinda R2013/08
WPS6551Factors influencing energy intensity in four Chinese industriesFisher-Vanden, Karen; Hu, Yong; Jefferson, Gary; Rock, Michael; Toman, Michael2013/07
WPS6524An economic model of Brazil's ethanol-sugar markets and impacts of fuel policiesde Gorter, Harry; Drabik, Dusan; Kliauga, Erika M.; Timilsina, Govinda R.2013/06
WPS6499Are biofuels economically competitive with their petroleum counterparts ?production cost analysis for ZambiaSinkala, Thomson; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Ekanayake, Indira J.2013/06
WPS6500Macroeconomic and distributional impacts of jatropha-based biodiesel in MaliBoccanfuso, Dorothee; Coulibaly, Massa; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Savard, Luc2013/06
WPS6505Resource discoveries, learning, and national income accountingHamilton, Kirk; Atkinson, Giles2013/06
WPS6498Should Zambia produce biodiesel from soybeans ? some insights from an empirical analysisde Gorter, Harry; Drabik, Dusan; Timilsina, Govinda R.2013/06
WPS6453The effect of biodiesel policies on world oilseed markets and developing countriesde Gorter, Harry; Drabik, Dusan; Timilsina, Govinda R.2013/05
WPS6430Energy intensive infrastructure investments with retrofits in continuous time : effects of uncertainty on energy use and carbon emissionsFramstad, Nils Christian; Strand, Jon2013/04

Environment and Natural Resources

WPS6687A systemic analysis of land markets and land institutions in West African cities : rules and practices - the case of Bamako, MaliDurand-Lasserve, Alain; Durand-Lasserve, Maylis; Selod, Harris2013/11
WPS6637Valuing global public goods : a European Delphi stated preference survey of population willingness to pay for Amazon rainforest preservationNavrud, Stale; Strand, Jon2013/10
WPS6495A resource allocation model for tiger habitat protectionDasgupta, Susmita; Hammer, Dan; Kraft, Robin; Wheeler, David2013/06
WPS6502Addressing additionality in REDD contracts when formal enforcement is absentCordero Salas, Paula; Roe, Brian; Sohngen, Brent2013/06
WPS6503Designing contracts for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradationCordero Salas, Paula2013/06
WPS6212Vyaghranomics in space and time : estimating habitat threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran tigersDasgupta, Susmita; Hammer, Dan; Kraft, Robin; Wheeler, David2012/10
WPS6203Health costs and benefits of ddt use in malaria control and preventionBlankespoor, Brian; Dasgupta, Susmita; Lagnaoui, Abdelaziz; Roy, Subhendu2012/09
WPS5756Economic structure, development policy and environmental quality : an empirical analysis of environmental Kuznets curves with Chinese municipal dataHe, Jie; Wang, Hua2011/08
WPS5767Municipal solid waste management in small towns : an economic analysis conducted in Yunnan, ChinaWang , Hua; He, Jie; Kim, Yoonhee; Kamata, Takuya2011/08
WPS5759Stakeholder dialogue as an institutional strategy for sustainable development in China : the case of community environmental roundtablesWang, Hua2011/08

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