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Environment and Energy Research

The research program on environment and energy addresses how economically efficient and environmentally sustainable use of energy, natural resources, and the services of the natural environment are key contributors to economic growth and poverty reduction. It covers five broad areas: (1) environment, (2) energy, (3) climate change, (4) water, and (5) urban and regional development. 

Research Manager: Mike Toman 







Vyāghranomics in space and time-estimating habitat threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran tigers.
Working Paper 6212, Oct 2012

High-resolution monthly forest clearing data from 74 tiger habitat areas in 10 countries are used to estimate the severity of habitat threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran tigers. It shows that changes in world agricultural-product markets and national financial policies have significant, measurable effects on tropical forest clearing.






Green Growth and Development (Nov 2012)

A number of leading experts were commissioned to write papers for the Inaugural Conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, which took place in Mexico City in January 2012. The papers highlight both the contributions of the current state of environment and development economics for addressing the question, and important knowledge gaps warranting additional work.
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Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Wetlands: Impacts and Costs
This paper estimates how a 1 meter sea-level rise would affect coastal wetlands in 76 developing countries and territories.
Working Paper 6277, Nov. 2012

The Role of Technological Change in Green Growth
Working Paper 6239, Oct 2012

Psychology and Behavioral Economics Lessons for the Design of a Green Growth Strategy
Working Paper 6240, Oct 2012

Impact of Behavioral Issues on Green Growth Policies and Weather-Related Disaster Reduction in Developing Countries
Working Paper 6241, Oct 2012

Tools for Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Green Growth: The U.S. and Mexico
Working Paper 6242, Oct 2012

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Books and Reports
The Changing Wealth of Nations (2011)
Climate Change and Agriculture (2009)
WDR 2010: Development in a Changing Climate
Policy and Strategic Behavior in Water Resource Management (2009)
WDR 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography
The Management of Water Quality and Irrigation Technologies (2008)
At Loggerheads? Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction and Environment in the Tropical Forests (2006)