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Urban Flooding of Greater Dhaka in a Changing Climate: Building Local Resilience to Disaster Risk
Susmita Dasgupta, Asif Zaman, Subhendu Roy, Mainul Huq, Sarwar Jahan and Ainun Nishat
Directions in Development Series
Washington, DC: World Bank, October 2015


China’s Technological Catch-Up Strategy for Industrial Development:  Impact on Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions
Michael Toman and Michael T. Rock
Oxford University Press, January 2015

Land Delivery Systems in West African Cities: The Example of Bamako, Mali
Alain Durand-Lasserve, Maÿlis Durand-Lasserve, and Harris Selod
Washington, DC: World Bank, March 2015

The Impacts of Biofuels on the Economy, Environment, and Poverty
Edited by Govinda R. Timilsina and David Zilberman 
Springer: New York, 2014
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Growing Green: The Economic Benefits of Climate Action
Uwe Deichmann and Fan Zhang
Europe and Central Asia Report
Washington, DC: World Bank, April 2013
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Eurasian Cities: New Realities along the Silk Road
Souleymane Coulibaly, Uwe Deichmann, William R. Dillinger, Marcel Ionescu-Heroiu, Ioannis N. Kessides, Charles Kunaka, Daniel Saslavsky
Washington, DC: Washington, DC: World Bank, September 2012
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The Changing Wealth of Nations: Measuring Sustainable Development in the New Millennium
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011
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Climate Change and Agriculture: An Economic Analysis of Global Impacts, Adaptation and Distributional Effects
Robert Mendelsohn and Ariel Dinar
Elgar Publishing


Policy and Strategic Behavior in Water Resource Management
Edited by Ariel Dinar and Jose Albiac
London; Sterling, VA : Earthscan, 2009.



WDR 2010: Development and Climate Change
The main message of the report is that a "climate-smart" world is possible if we act now, act together, and act differently.
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WDR 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography
Places do well when they promote transformations along the dimensions of economic geography: higher densities as cities grow; shorter distances as workers and businesses migrate closer to density; and fewer divisions as nations lower their economic borders and enter world markets to take advantage of scale and trade in specialized products. WDR 2009 concludes that the transformations along these three dimensions of density, distance, and division are essential for development and should be encouraged.
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WDR 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic World
Without better policies and institutions, social and environmental strains may derail development progress, leading to higher poverty levels and a decline in the quality of life for everybody, according to this report.
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At Loggerheads? Agricultural Expansion, Poverty Reduction, and Environment in the Tropical Forests
Policy Research Report
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2006
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