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Climate Change


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DEC research on climate change focuses on impacts and adaptation; mitigation; and international responses.

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What is the Bank’s principal mission on climate finance and mitigation? Jon Strand (Mar. 2013)
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Coastal wetlands highly vulnerable to sea-level rise

(Mar. 2013)
Sea-level rise by a meter from climate change could destroy more than 60 percent of the developing world's coastal wetlands currently found at one meter or less elevation.  
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Dynamic climate policy with both strategic and non-strategic agents : taxes versus quantities
This paper studies a dynamic game where each of two large blocs, of fossil fuel importers and exporters respectively, sets either taxes or quotas to exercise power in fossil-fuel markets. The main novel feature is the inclusion of a "fringe" of non- strategic (emerging and developing) countries which both consume and produce fossil fuels.
Working Paper 6679, October 2013

Cooperation and reciprocity in carbon sequestration contracts
This paper studies the role of cooperation and reciprocity on the structure of self-enforcing carbon sequestration contracts. The optimal contract is derived as a result of the optimizing actions of purely self-interested agents, and agents that act according to social or egoistic preferences.
Working Paper 6521, June 2013

Technological learning, energy efficiency, and CO2 emissions in China's energy intensive industries
Since the onset of economic reforms in 1978, China has been remarkably successful in reducing the carbon dioxide intensities of gross domestic product and industrial production
Working Paper 6492, June 2013

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 Research focus



Impacts and adaptation
Impacts of climate change on water, land, coastal areas; options for reducing adverse consequences of these impacts for economic development and human well-being.


Drivers of greenhouse gas emissions in energy and other sectors; the design of policies and measures for mitigating emissions.


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World Bank web sites and reports related to operational work on climate change.


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Mike Toman


Susmita Dasgupta
Uwe Deichmann 
Donald Larson
Jon Strand
Govinda Timilsina  
Aaditya Mattoo

Archived - previous research on climate change. 

 World Bank Research on Climate Change

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The following policy research working papers are drawn from the World Bank's institutional archives. Each link opens a page with an abstract of the document and several download options. For working papers before 2007, please use document search at


WPS6679Dynamic climate policy with both strategic and non-strategic agents : taxes versus quantitiesKarp, Larry ; Siddiqui, Sauleh; Strand, Jon2013/10
WPS6516Climate change in the Himalayas : current state of knowledgeGautam, Mahesh R.; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Acharya, Kumud2013/06
WPS6521Cooperation and reciprocity in carbon sequestration contractsCordero Salas, Paula2013/06
WPS6492Technological learning, energy efficiency, and CO2 emissions in China's energy intensive industriesRock, Michael T.; Toman, Michael; Cui, Yuanshang; Jiang, Kejun; Song, Yun; Wang, Yanjia2013/06
WPS6440A "greenprint" for international cooperation on climate changeMattoo, Aaditya; Subramanian, Arvind2013/05

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