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Climate Change [...continued]

WPS4781Macro-micro feedback links of irrigation water management in TurkeyCakmak, Erol H.; Dudu, Hasan; Saracoglu, Sirin; Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry; Tsur, Yacov2008/11
WPS4768Macro-micro feedback links of water management in South Africa : CGE analyses of selected policy regimesHassan, R.; Thurlow, J.; Roe, T.; Diao, X.; Chumi., S.; Tsur, Y.2008/11
WPS4761Carbon markets, institutions, policies, and researchLarson, Donald F.; Ambrosi, Philippe; Dinar, Ariel; Rahman, Shaikh Mahfuzur; Entler, Rebecca2008/10
WPS4758How China's farmers adapt to climate changeWang, Jinxia; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Huang, Jikun2008/10
WPS4717How will climate change shift agro-ecological zones and impact African agriculture ?Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep; Mendelsohn, Robert2008/09
WPS4599A ricardian analysis of the distribution of climate change impacts on agriculture across agro-ecological zones in AfricaSeo, S. Niggol; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Hassan, Rashid; Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep 2008/04
WPS4603A structural ricardian analysis of climate change impacts and adaptations in African agricultureSeo, S. Niggol; Mendelsohn, Robert2008/04
WPS4601Differential adaptation strategies by agro-ecological zones in African livestock managementSeo, S. Niggol; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep2008/04
WPS4600Differential adaptation strategies to climate change in African cropland by agro-ecological zonesSeo, Niggol; Mendelsohn, Robert; Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep; Dinar, Ariel; Hassan, Rashid2008/04
WPS4602Long-term adaptation : selecting farm types across agro-ecological zones in AfricaSeo, Niggol; Mendelsohn, Robert; Dinar, Ariel; Kurukulasuriya, Pradeep; Hassan, Rashid2008/04

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