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Climate Change [...continued]

WPS6230Green growth -- lessons from growth theorySmulders, Sjak; Withagen, Cees2012/10
WPS6238Green industrial policy : trade and theoryKarp, Larry; Stevenson, Megan2012/10
WPS6241Impact of behavioral issues on green growth policies and weather-related disaster reduction in developing countriesKunreuther, Howard; Michel-Kerjan, Erwann2012/10
WPS6235International trade and green growthCopeland, Brian R.2012/10
WPS6234Introducing behavioral change in transportation into energy/economy/environment modelsSchafer, Andreas2012/10
WPS6231Is green growth good for the poor ?Dercon, Stefan2012/10
WPS6232Natural capital, ecological scarcity and rural povertyBarbier, Edward B.2012/10
WPS6240Psychology and behavioral economics lessons for the design of a green growth strategyWeber, Elke U.; Johnson, Eric J.2012/10
WPS6237The cost of adjustment to green growth policies : lessons from trade adjustment costsPorto, Guido2012/10
WPS6239The role of technological change in green growthPopp, David2012/10

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