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Energy [...continued]

WPS6500Macroeconomic and distributional impacts of jatropha-based biodiesel in MaliBoccanfuso, Dorothee; Coulibaly, Massa; Timilsina, Govinda R.; Savard, Luc2013/06
WPS6505Resource discoveries, learning, and national income accountingHamilton, Kirk; Atkinson, Giles2013/06
WPS6498Should Zambia produce biodiesel from soybeans ? some insights from an empirical analysisde Gorter, Harry; Drabik, Dusan; Timilsina, Govinda R.2013/06
WPS6453The effect of biodiesel policies on world oilseed markets and developing countriesde Gorter, Harry; Drabik, Dusan; Timilsina, Govinda R.2013/05
WPS6430Energy intensive infrastructure investments with retrofits in continuous time : effects of uncertainty on energy use and carbon emissionsFramstad, Nils Christian; Strand, Jon2013/04
WPS6392Political economy aspects of fuel subsidies : a conceptual frameworkStrand, Jon2013/03
WPS6243Development of biofuels in China : technologies, economics and policiesChang, Shiyan; Timilsina,Govinda R.; Xiliang,Zhang; Zhao, Lili2012/10
WPS6117Economic analysis of projects in a greenhouse worldHamilton, Kirk; Stover, Jana2012/07
WPS6124Potential gains and losses of Biofuel production in Argentina: a computable general equilibrium analysisChisari, Omar O.; Romero, Carlos A.; Timilsina, Govinda2012/07
WPS6083Demand side instruments to reduce road transportation externalities in the greater Cairo metropolitan areaParry, Ian W.H.; Timilsina, Govinda R.2012/06

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